7 mantras for success in life

Ajay Kumar Meher, Senior Vice President – Information Technology and Post Production, Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd, on the strategies he uses to get the most out of life. By Shweta Gandhi

Ajay Kumar Meher is a man who loves challenges. Hailing from Orissa, a place he terms as relatively “rural”, Ajay has strived hard to make his mark in the industry. With over two decades of experience in the world of IT, he is currently the Senior Vice President – Information Technology and Post Production at Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd. Handling IT, New Media and Post Production, he aligns business with technology, creates and developes new media platforms, and creates automated business processes and opportunities for content monetisation. He was recently recognised as a Digital Icon at CIO Power List 2016. Here, he talks about the strategies that help him maintain a work-life balance.

1. Engage in social work
“I belong to Orissa, which is quite a rural place. I have sponsored some activities in rural schools over there—donated provisions used to build offices, two classrooms, a girls toilet, and sponsored two teachers. I believe in regularly engaging in charitable work and giving back to the underprivileged. It gives me an unexplainable freedom to do acts that help society. It boosts my morale as well and makes me want to do better.”

2. Exercise to eat
“I have a regular exercise regimen, and that involves six days of working out—three days in the gym and three days of cardio—and one Sunday of binge eating. It makes the working out worth it and gives me satisfaction, because I know that I will be able to eat whatever I want.”

3. Play a sport
“I have imbibed a lifestyle habit of getting up early in the morning. This gives me time to play two of my favourite sports—squash and table tennis. I deal with a lot of stress at work, and I find playing a sport refreshes and rejuvenates me when my job gets heavy.”

4. Take energising breaks
“I am a strong believer in taking short breaks that bring energy, up your productivity and push you to work even harder. I take a break every month—it could be a weekend trip with my family—and I make it a point to do something huge during my yearly break. I love driving, so I drive wherever possible. Once a year, I do a road trip—a recent one was from Mumbai to Bangalore to Kerala and back. I frequently drive down to Goa as well.”

5. Find ways to bond with family
“We all lead busy lives—even our kids have their own schedules. I have noticed the best way to spend quality time with family is when you’re on a road trip. Everyone is in the car, it’s the perfect time to bond together, and it’s up to us to utilise it positively. It’s a great way to catch up with your kids and get to know them better.”

6. Indulge in hobbies you enjoy
“I try my hand at photography, though I’m not a serious photographer. I have a Canon SLR camera, and I enjoy capturing nature and wildlife. My love for photography recently took me to on a trip to Leh, Ladakh, where I joined a group of like-minded strangers to click the beauty that is the Himalayan wonderland. I think everyone should pursue one thing that they really like to do. It provides immense satisfaction and makes sure you don’t burn out at work.”

7. Devote some time for reading
“An activity that is really important to me is 30 minutes of reading every day. I could be reading anything. I pick up a book and just start. It provides a good break from work. Right now I’m reading about Raghuram Rajan and what projects he’s implemented in the last three years. It’s all about microfinance, and I’m learning a lot. This habit is information, de-stressing, and gives you a fresh perspective on life.” 

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  • Posted: July 27, 2016 05:32

    Kiran Belsekar

    Good read for IT professionals.. Good one Ajay!

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