7 hobbies of successful people

Take a cue from these famous personalities who invest their time in engaging hobbies despite having busy and successful careers. By Shweta Gandhi 

Having a hobby not only helps you de-stress and rejuvenate after a long day at work, but it’s also great for personal development and can also be used as a networking tool. Successful people know the value of having interests apart from their work. Here’s a look at the hobbies of some top business players who like to maintain a health work-life balance. You’d do well to be inspired!

1. Anil Ambani
Hobby: Serial marathon runner
Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Group, and one of India’s top business leaders ranking #29 in India’s list of 100 Richest People 2015 by Forbes. Once upon a time, he weighed 110-120 kg, but after someone at an investor’s conference commented on his inability to take care of his own health, Anil decided to lose it all by running. Today, he runs six days a week at 5.30am, and participates in as many marathons as he can.

2. Warren Buffet
Hobby: Ukulele
One of the most successful investors in the world, Buffet loves to play the ukulele, a passion he has nurtured for years. Being the philanthropist that he is, he has donated several instruments and even performed for charity. An autographed ukulele he played has reportedly been sold for over $11,000.

3. Bill Gates
Hobby: Playing bridge
Co-founder of the world’s largest software business, Gates keeps his mind sharp by playing bridge, a game he immensely enjoys. He is known to sometimes play with Warren Buffet, who is also fond of the card game. Gates is also known to be a voracious reader and tennis player.

4. Larry Ellison
Hobby: Sailing
At the age of 22, the co-founder and former CEO of Oracle Corporation undertook a sailing course in California, inspired by Robin Lee Graham, who was the youngest individual to circumnavigate the globe alone. By the age of 25, Ellison had bought his own boat—a 34-foot-long racing sloop. He even competes in world-class races like the Maxi World Championships, which he has won five times.

5. Sandy Lerner
Hobby: Jousting
The co-founder of Cisco Systems is known to be a big fan of jousting, and even has an 800-acre farm in Virginia called AyrshireFarm where she houses 34 English Shire horses. Lerner has also played in Elizabethan jousting contests, and has remarked that jousting is her way of blowing off steam when she is super stressed out.

6. Adam Schneider
Hobby: Restoring spacecraft models from Star Trek movies
Here’s a hobby nerds would appreciate. The former Principal at Deloitte Consulting and current Managing Director at Blackrock is a loyal Trekkie and an ardent fan of the original Star Trek series since his youth. He has bought and worked with many craftsmen to restore various spacecraft models, and loves doing his little bit to preserve the history of the iconic series.

7. Mark Thierer
Hobby: Collecting stickers
The CEO at OptumRx spends his free time in building and sorting his vast sticker collection. Thierer has collected over 50,000 stickers till now from all over the world, and has a sticker for everything you can think of—golf balls, fruits, cars, states, letters, numbers. He uses these stickers to create handmade greeting cards that he sends to his close friends and family. 

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