7 health benefits of mangoes that you didn’t know

This delicious fruit is more than just a treat for your taste buds. Here’s why mango really is the king of fruits! By Satyaki Sarkar

If there is one fruit that probably every Indian loves, without exception, it is the mango. From ice creams and beverages to snacks and curries, mangoes are used to make a variety of delicious and mouth-watering edibles, apart from being enjoyed as is. However, mangoes have more than just a delectable taste to their credit. Little do people know about the numerous helpful qualities of mangoes that make it one of the healthiest fruits in the world.

1. Cancer prevention
Due to the high levels of antioxidant compounds present in mangoes, research has shown that the fruit is incredibly effective in helping prevent colon, breast, leukaemia, and prostate cancers. The compounds are full of isoquercitrin, astragalin, quercetin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, along with large quantities of helpful enzymes.

2. Lowering cholesterol
Being rich in fibre, pectin, and Vitamin C, mangoes are also immensely efficient in helping lower serum cholesterol levels, especially low-density Lipoprotein, which is the most harmful of the lot.

3. Healthy eyes
A cup of sliced mangoes contains around 25 per cent of the essential daily dose of Vitamin A, which is responsible for maintaining good eyesight, as well as preventing night blindness and dry eyes.

4. Maintaining alkali balance
Mangoes contain large quantities of tartaric and malic acid, as well as a small quantities of citric acid, which are vital in helping maintain the alkali reserve of the human body.

5. Improves digestion
While papayas are commonly known as the go-to fruit for improving digestion, mangoes also contain large quantities of the same enzymes as papaya, which are essential for breaking down protein. Along with that, the fibre contained in mangos also helps in improving the digestive functions of the body.

6. Preventing heat stroke
Mango juice mixed with water is not only a tasty beverage, but it also helps cool down the body, and prevents the adverse effects of overheating, such as a heat stroke.

7. Improves immune system
The large quantities of Vitamin C and A found in mangoes, along with the 25 different kinds of carotenoids that the fruit contains, is excellent in keeping the immune system healthy and strong. 

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