7 habits of highly successful people

Ever wondered what sets apart people who accomplish extraordinary things? Here are some of their traits and how you can learn from them. By Satyaki Sarkar

Having dropped out of college at 16, if Sir Richard Branson had let his worries about the unknown and unpredictable stop him, he would never have become the world renowned business magnate, investor and philanthropist that he is today. Successful people thrive on doing the unthinkable and achieving what others can only dream of. But it’s not simply luck that they achieve what they do. It is habits like these that make them stand out.

1. Keeping the goal in sight
It’s really important you set a goal for yourself (even if it’s likely to change later). It helps you find your orientation and a direction to work towards. Without a vision and a direction you won’t achieve much. Also the lower the goals you set, the lower you’ll reach. This is why successful people constantly set higher targets and difficult to achieve goals. This helps them constantly challenge themselves and push beyond their limits to reach for the seemingly impossible.

2. Being a good listener
Most people are either too busy or too self-absorbed to really listen to what others say; they only hear them. But the fact is that there is a huge difference between the two. Successful people listen with the intent to understand, while others listen simply to reply. Knowledge is something that can be gained from any conduit and at any point in life. This is why listening and paying attention to everything that is going on is an incredibly useful skill that sets a good leader apart from others.

3. Not letting failure cripple you
While a moderate fear of failure is a healthy motivator, an excess of it can be immensely detrimental. In any kind of a venture, risks are a must, and with risks come the possibility of success or failure. But if you let that fear of failure paralyse you it’s likely that you won’t progress beyond that point. This is why successful people never bother themselves worrying about failure, they simply concentrate on giving their best. If the outcome is not the one that was needed, they learn from that failure and work hard to avoid it in the future.

4. Adapting constantly
Another important factor that tends to slow down success is inadaptability. Successful leaders know that change is inevitable, so the best way to deal it is to adapt to it. It is natural for a person to be overwhelmed by constantly changing scenarios, but the important thing to remember is that a lot of good can come out of change, if used correctly. It is only when you can adapt yourself to function in tandem with the changing times that you will sail through the obstacles they pose. If not, you’ll simply be left behind.

5. Venturing out of comfort zones
We have a tendency to make a safe place for ourselves and get ensconced there, and that applies in every aspect of our life, be it money, career, friendships, relationships, etc. This comfort zone might seem like a nice place to be, it actually detrimental when it comes to your career. Once you’ve settled into your comfort zone, you unconsciously try hard to remain there, even if your true potential and capabilities might be infinitely greater. This is why it is essential to constantly challenge yourself, take risks, and push the boundaries on what you think you can achieve. Not only will that surprise you in ways you never imagined, it will also make you a lot more capable and self-sufficient.

6. Effective time management
Money isn’t the only yardstick that successful people are concerned with. To most successful leaders in the world, there is nothing more valuable on earth than time. This is because they see every moment as an opportunity and an investment. How they spend their time determines the amount of return they will get on that investment. This is why time management and knowing how and where to spend your time is one of the most important skills you can acquire on the journey to success.

7. Believing in action over words
What sets a successful person apart is that he follows up his intentions with actions. Instead just talking about what to do, a successful person takes action and consistently works towards himself through his work. While taking action, a person is responsible for their consequences. This is why, instead of worrying about what you cannot control, it is important to focus on what you can, and make decisions accordingly and act on them. It’s only when you take complete control of your life that you can shape how it turns out.

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