7 Artisanal Indian tea brands to curl up with

Check out about these boutique brands that are offering delicious brews. By Pooja Paryani


1 No 3 Clive Road
Founded by Radhika Chopra, this brand specialises in boutique teas that are mix of traditional and modern. The best tea leaves are sourced from Assam and hand-blended with herbs and flowers in various combinations to create unique blends. Each range has a unique name, usually a destination or a famous person, like Malabar, Maheshwar, Madurai and Aurangzeb. Teas start at Rs 1,350.


2 Jugmug Thela
Founder Jiten Suchede started off with a pop-up shop to introduce people to some quality tea and coffee. Popular demand led him to start a store to sell the quality teas and coffees he sources. All the products are chemical free and available in beautiful glass jars. Check out the popular 12 spices Chai Masala and Langlai High Elevation Assam Orthodox tea. They also have healthy snack options for sale. Teas start at Rs 225.


3 Anandini Himalaya Tea
Started by tea sommelier Anamika Singh, whose family runs the Manjhee Valley tea estate in Himachal Pradesh, the brand produces ‘single estate’ teas. Handmade, handcrafted tea leaf blends with a mix of flowers, herbs and spices are their speciality. Infusions like Emerald Spiced (green tea infused with clove, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and marigold flower) and Sunshin Waltz (green tea with Tesu flowers/Palash flowers, rose petals, and aniseed) are quite popular. Teas start at Rs 150.


4 Tea Trunk
A venture by Snigdha Manchanda, a tea enthusiast, Tea Trunk curates the finest Indian teas from India to make unique blends of flavourful healthy teas. The teas are package in fun playful boxes that entice you to brew a cuppa. The brand’s Marigold Green Tea, with its hint of lemongrass and marigold, is popular with those looking for a cup to soothe their stomach and relax. Teas start at Rs 250.


5 Exalte Tea
Shivani Chakravarty started Exalte Tea as a way to make people understand that a good cup of tea doesn’t always need a lot of milk and sugar, so as to let the natural flavour stand out. A tea lover herself, Shivani has a range of black, green and white teas, which are all sourced from estates in different parts of the country. Check out the Ayurvedic Anti Stress Tea, which is quite a hit. Teas start at Rs 250.


6 San-cha
This is an olden goldie. Professional tea taster Sanjay Kapur set up a tea tasting boutique way back in 1981 and now has five branches in the country.  San-cha offers 35 types of unique teas that have all been influenced by Sanjay’s vast knowledge of tea making. The brand also has it’s own tea versions like Love Pekoe Tea and San-cha Classic Tea Bouquet. Prices start Rs 450.


7 Goodwyn Tea
The company sells single origin teas produced and hand-picked at their seven tea estates spread over 90,000 acres in Assam.  On offer are a wide range of organic and handcrafted teas, whole leaf teas, naturally flavoured teas and herbal infusions. Teas start at Rs 120. 

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