7 apps that will make your daily life easier

These cool apps will not only help you get organised and manage resources better, but also help you lead a more richer life. By Pooja Paryani

1. Trello
Plan projects, manage team responsibilities, create and manage to-do lists, tasks, notes and more with Trello. This is a handy app that works like a digital bulletin board that can be filled with ‘cards’. These cards can also be shared with others, enhancing interactions on group projects. You can also use Trello in your personal space to list out groceries to buy, ideas for projects, create notes with pictures, etc. It’s a free app for Android and iOS and can also be used on desktop monitors as it’s supported on Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

2. Grammarly
This one is a proofreading a plagiarism-detection resource that helps you fix errors, enhance your writing and sound more efficient while expressing yourself. The app scans your text for grammatical errors ranging from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. It also gives you suggestions on improving your vocabulary, additional work choice, and even synonyms. A cool resource for those who don’t want to have to worry about their language all the time. You can add the extension to your Google Chrome browser for free.

If This Then That is a productivity app that connects apps and makes them do things together. You can create ‘recipes’ that tell apps to do certain things at certain times. You can connect only two specific apps at a time using a recipe. For example, ‘If’ you save photos from Facebook ‘Then’ they should be uploaded automatically to Dropbox. Or ‘If’ the Indian cricket team wins the match ‘Then’ you get an email alert. It’s a great tool to automate certain activities so that you don’t have to worry about them every again. Available for free for Android and iOS.

4. RescueTime
This is a handy tool for those struggling to find a work-life balance. RescueTime helps you track your daily activities and breaks downs how you spent your time. It also helps detect distractions and what activities took longer than they should have to complete. You can analyse your weaknesses, see how much time you spent on social media, etc and find a more efficient way to spend your time. The app also helps you set goals so that you can be more productive. It can be downloaded for free on Android devices and desktops. There is also a premium version that has additional features.

5. Pocket
This is a great app for those who love to read but always find interesting articles when they don’t have the time. Pocket lets you save articles, videos, pictures and other items from your social media feeds for later viewing. You can then view them at your leisure whenever you have some free time. This way you don’t miss out on anything interesting and can always catch up on your reading. Pocket is available for free on both Android and iOS, and even has browser extensions for your desktop.

6. Pushbullet
This one integrates your handset and desktop onto one unit so that you don’t have to keep switching between the two. Through Pushbullet you can transfer pictures, texts, files, etc seamlessly from your mobile to the PC. More interestingly, you can receive smartphone notifications on your PC, reply to messages and emails, delete mails and get notified about calls. You’ll need to download Pushbullet on your mobile as well as web browser to get started with this desktop management app. It’s available for both Android and iOS. There’s a free version with limited features, like sending files up to 25MB and 2GB storage. The paid version allows you to send files up to 2GB with 100GB storage.

7. Paper by Fifty Three
This one is exclusively for iOS and is a nifty combination of a notebook and drawing app. Draw (even on photos), sketch, make annotations, and create notes and checklists in an interesting and fun manner. Once you’re done the app collates them all into a notebook-like organised system for easy referencing. You can also export your work into PDF, PowerPoint or Keynote formats. The app is available for free. 

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