6 ways to relieve and prevent stress

Mani Kant Singh R, Head – IT and Security, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd, on holistic ways to beat anxiety and take charge of your life. By Shweta Gandhi

“It is a fact that people working in technology ignore their health,” says Mani Kant Singh R. “And this makes us techies more prone to psychosomatic behaviours, while leading sedentary lifestyles.” A believer of alternative medicine, Mani conducts yoga workshops and is part of a group, including doctors, who have researched psychosomatic diseases. He also advocates the consumption of natural foods to heal lifestyle diseases.

“I have witnessed a lot of my peers suffer from stress, and the secret to that is to adapt to stress management,” he says. “Stress occurs when your mind starts misbehaving. You simply have to control it.” With over 20 years of experience in steering IT infrastructure operations and security, Mani has successfully managed stress to become a leader in his field. He was recently awarded as a Financial Services Icon at CIO Power List 2016. Here, he talks about the ways you can reduce stress and negativity in your daily life.

1. Begin your day with positivity and gratitude
“If you start out your day with ‘Oh, another day at office,’ you will notice that all the circumstances you attract will be irksome, because those are the kind of thoughts you’re encouraging. However, if you start your day with ‘I am so grateful for today being a brand new day’ or something similar, your energies will begin to shift and your mind will be at peace. Positive affirmations work wonders early in morning.”

2. Digitally detach
“Our ancestors used to say, ‘Look up and walk forwards.’ Today, the trend is to look down at our phones and walk. I am a tech person too—I love my gadgets. But I never let monotony set in life. I disrupt my monotony by achieving easy self-set goals, celebrate them too. However, I have inculcated a practice wherein I abandon all gadgets at least for three hours in a week. It provides peace and you don’t feel caught up in the whirlwind.”

3. Follow your passion, no matter how crazy it is
“Remember, you were born for a reason. Every soul is here to achieve something. If you have a goal in mind, apart from your career plans or material acquisitions, you should follow it. Find the purpose of your life’s existence. It could be a passion, it could be a dream, or it could be both. The important part here is to understand that dreams and passions can change, but as long as you feel passionate about something in the present moment you should pursue it. Stay focused on the higher purpose of life. My passion is reading Sanskrit scriptures. They contain ancient wisdom, and they immediately make me feel calm.”

4. Find a role model
“It doesn’t have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet—it could be your neighbour whose qualities you admire. It builds character and gives you motivation to work on yourself and improve. Look beyond yourself and consider the great things people have accomplished in this life and take it as a source of inspiration.”

5. Let go and drop it
“When you are confronted with an unpleasant situation and you can’t stop thinking about it, close your eyes for five seconds. Try to let go of your thoughts. Another technique is to transfer your negative energy to nature. Go to the nearest plant or tree, and talk to it, tell it what’s bothering you. Once you let it out, you’ll feel better. The entire world is running on the same energy chain, and once you dissolve your negative subconscious thoughts, they go back to where they came from.”

6. Meditate or chant
“We work 40 hours in a week; travel an equal number of hours to work. How about spending at least 10 per cent (40 minutes) in a week for yourself? In 2004, I conducted a workshop at Tihar Jail, and spoke to few hundred inmates about their problems. On returning home, all of their issues started affecting my mind. So I went into silence, meditated and was able to detoxify myself. I have made it a habit to meditate for five to ten minutes every day at office before lunch. You can accompany this with chanting. If you can’t chant any mantra just listen to one.  There are two ways to meditate—guided and TM (Transcendental Meditation). The former you can be done anywhere, even in a crowded place, but for the latter, it’s better to do it in a secluded place where you won’t be disturbed. I recommend you Google “switchwords”—they’re an easy way to achieve what you desire.” 

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