6 ways to make your employees feel valued

Boost morale by nurturing employees and motivate them to produce their best work. By Priya Prakasan

As a leader it is your responsibility to increase employee engagement and boost team and individual morale. Employees who feel valued will be more productive and inspired to work towards a higher standard. Here are six ways you can make employees feel appreciated, improve their morale and encourage them to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

1. Provide challenging assignments
Doing the same work day in and day out is tedious and demotivating. To keep employees motivated, every once in a while, assign them challenging work assignments. Not only will it show your level of trust in them, but also make them enthusiastic about their job. This is one way of engaging employees, developing their talents, and giving their morale a boost.

2. Seek their advice
Leaders often feel the need to appear like they know everything, so as to not appear unsure and weak. But good leaders understand the importance of not being afraid to ask for advice. They especially seek opinions from employees as they can provide insight into the business’ ground reality. This is also a great way to build a stronger connect with employees. It shows them that their leader values their work ethic and opinions. This is a small step that will improve business, give employees the opportunity to come up with great ideas and be recognised for it.

3. Praise performance
Praise is one of the biggest motivators a leader can offer. It gives employees drive and motivation. But when doing so, make sure you praise the specific performance and not the employee. By doing so you’re encouraging behaviour that gets things done, that too in the right way. His/her behaviour serves as a positive example to the rest of the team. However, if you praise the performer, then you’re alienating the other employees and they feel excluded. Also, be sure to leave criticism out of the praise so as to maintain its effectiveness.

4. Provide opportunities for employee growth
Invest in your employees’ growth by helping them gain new skills, broaden their knowledge, enhance their performance, and achieve personal career milestones. Employees greatly value opportunities to learn and grow, and by helping them do this you’re showcasing the company’s faith in their abilities and interest in their future. This way you’re also helping your organisation by building the leaders of tomorrow.

5. Include employees in decision-making
Those companies that invite employees to the decision-making table have greater employee satisfaction and motivation. That’s because employees feel more valued, have a greater sense of responsibility and are less likely to blame their problems on management. So strengthen your relationship with your employees by bringing them on-board when making decisions that impact the department/team as well as the work that they do. Yes, senior management will make the big decisions, but it pays to consult the team first about their opinions.

6. Make time for one-to-one meetings
Finally, take out time to schedule regular one-on-one meetings with individual employees. Scheduling these meetings will help you discuss progress at work and, more importantly, the employee’s career graph. This can be used as an empowering tool to make them aware of the potential opportunities for advancement as well as areas where they’re lagging behind and need to improve. These meetings are not only important for the employee but are also crucial to your team’s success, as it can stop larger issues from festering, create a space where employees feel comfortable to discuss concerns/issues and affirm their perspective.

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