6 tips to wearing your jacket well

Some creative changes and just paying heed to good ol’ fashion advice is all you need.

By Nolan Lewis

Corporate dressing can be tricky for CXOs. While there is always the pressure to be impeccably turned out, the list of restrictionsthat limit a man’s wardrobe options can be frustrating.But with some out-of-the-box thinking and staying true to the basics you can smarten up the way you wear your jacket to work.

#1 A new palette
New shades are dominating fashion runways across the world. Chlorophyll Green, Sienna Brown and Deep Ocean are subtle enough to blend in with conventional corporate dressing codes, but refreshing enough for you to grab many appreciative glances. The interesting thing is that these colours complement each other beautifully, so if you’re wearing something as eye-catching as a Chlorophyll Green jacket, balance it out with a Sienna Brown tie.

#2 Keep it simple
In an attempt to create a look that is original, it’s important to not over-accessorise. Wearing your jewelled cufflinks, chunky wrist watch, pocket square and a tie bar all at once may be a bit much. What would be sartorially stylish is a jacket with a flawless cut and fabric, enhanced by any one single embellishment.

#3 Understand your body
Often, it isn’t as much about the brand you wear as it is about the cut you wear. A slim fit suit obviously doesn’t flatter someone who has a heavy middle and heavy build. It’s also important to notice when your body starts to gain or lose weight. If it’s a change that’s likely to stay, you will have to accordingly adjust your wardrobe. What works for one particular body type, does not work for another.We suggest you make a dozen trips to the trail room if you have to, but find out what flatters and what doesn’t, only then will you be able to reinvent the rules of style. A modest approach is far superior than looking out of place in the latest fashion.

#4 Craftsmanship is important
The first button of your jacket should always fall above the navel. The last should drape just above the buckle of your belt. If you tend to buy off the rack watch out for this mistake. And don’t judge the book just by the cover. The telltale sign of a carefully crafted jacket would be in the colour, fabric and hem of its lining. Take adequate time to explore the intricacies of your choice, inside and out, before you make a purchase.

#5 Vintage is in
While donning a waistcoat may seem vintage, it is the best trick in your tool box to create a slimming effect. Vests have been traditionally sewn in such a way as to taper down towards to the belt to create a lithe look. So it might be worth your while to invest in stitching a few waistcoats in the same fabrics as your jackets.

#6 Basics: Camel and gray
It is like a bad hair day, those mornings where you just can’t put together the perfect ensemble not matter how much you try. For days like this, always keep the basics at hand—a gray flannel suit and a camel jacket. The former is a classic and looks good on any occasion, while a camel jacket adds that touch of sophistication on days you feel undecided. 

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