6 Rules of wearing a sports jacket with jeans

This combination is great when you’re looking for a more casual, yet dapper look. Here are some rules to help you nail it right. By Ayushi Khandelwal

1. Jacket should be well fitted
This rule actually applies to all jackets. Those are a bit loose, too short or long, tight on the shoulders or wrinkle when you button up should be avoided. These flaws become even more glaring when you pair your jacket with a pair of jeans. It’s not a very common combination and you don’t want to call attention to all the wrong spots. The jacket should sit comfortably well on your shoulders sans any pulling or wrinkling and you should be able to move your arms comfortably around.

2. Keep the jeans classy
Jeans are traditionally casual wear, but there is something like too casual. When pairing with a jacket, avoid jeans that are faded, ripped, stonewashed, patched, or baggy. These do not pair well with a jacket, and give off a very mismatched vibe. Instead go for a clean, well-fitted, pair of jeans in navy blue, indigo, black or even white. These look best when paired with a jacket

3. Casual, open-collared shirts
A right shirt can help you pull off this challenging combination. To complement the slightly casual look opt for an open-collared shirt. A crisp Oxford shirt pairs well with a slightly formal sports jacket, while a chambray button-down shirt looks best with a casual sports jacket. Also, refrain from wearing a T-shirt, no matter the colour. It would be too casual.

4. Soft, casual fabrics and textures
Sports jackets may not be as formal as suit jackets, but that doesn’t necessarily make them very casual. When pairing with jeans, you need to make sure the jacket suits the look you’re going for. Details like fabric and structure matter. Look for a sports coat that is unstructured, soft-shouldered and has a casual and textured fabric, like cotton, linen or tweed. Also, opt for a lustreless fabric as a sheen will unbalance the entire combination.

5. Drop anything formal
Thin notch lapels, two buttons over three, patch pockets and elbow patches, and short jackets all add up to a cool sartorial style. Do not wear pinstripe jackets as they are very formal and will completely ruin the combination.

6. Opt for contrasting colours
Unlike a suit jacket that comes in the same colour and fabric as the trousers, sport jackets look more stylish when paired with contrasting colour jeans. Go for tan, brown or camel colour jackets on dark jeans and vice versa. Light grey jackets look suave on black jeans, and dark jackets look great on a pair of white jeans. 

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