6 mouth-watering delicacies you must try this Eid!

From delectable sweet dishes to succulent meaty delights, the festival of Eid has something for everyone. By Satyaki Sarkar

Eid is one of the most important festivals in Islam, and as revered as it is, it is also a festival that is well known for its range of tantalising delicacies that are made especially for the occasion. From juicy tender meats to sweet desserts, it has something for every palate. Here are six lipsmacking dishes you absolutely must not miss the festival.


1. Haleem
Almost synonymous with Eid, Haleem is one dish that simply deserves to be at the top spot due to its delectable taste and popularity. Oozing with ghee and pieces of melt-in-your-mouth mutton, the dish is prepared by slow-cooking the meat in a wood-fired cauldron with an assortment of cracked wheat, urad dal, curd, ghee, barley, lentils, cashew nuts, and spices for eight hours, so that it reaches the perfect texture and consistency.
Photograph: Tomsamram/Creative Commons


2. Afghani Zarda Pulao
This authentic Afghani dish, straight from the highlands of Kabul, is as mouth-watering as it is aromatic. The pulao gets its rich flavour from the delicious chicken or lamb gravy that is made with special Seville orange peels; however, regular oranges also do the trick if they aren’t available. The sweet and spicy rice dish can also be made without using meat, and is traditionally served with a side of raita, or balkan yogurt and fresh salad.
Photograph: Miansari66/Creative Commons


3. Nalli Nihari
This drool worthy mutton dish has its origins in the Mughals rule in Old Delhi during the late 18th century, and is worthy of its popularity. The Mughlai dish was served to the nawabs as breakfast, and is made by painstakingly slow-cooking the meat overnight, with an assortment of spices and ghee. The method of preparation makes the meat extremely tender and lets the flavour seep into the bone marrow, thereby making it an absolute favourite during the festival.
Photograph: Miansari66/Creative Commons


4. Dal Gosht
A popular north Indian preparation, Dal Gosht is a wondrous combination of tender mutton, beef, or lamb meat, cooked with a blend of herbs and lentils to give it a tantalising flavour. Made using either Bengal gram or red lentils, the wholesome meaty dish is a one-pot meal in itself, but it is also accompanied by a side of green salad at times.
Photograph: Miansari66/Creative Commons


5. Sheer Khurma
Also known as Sevaiyan ki Kheer, this traditional sweet dish is a perfect ending to your grand meal. The creamy dessert is a favourite of sweet lovers and is made using cardamom-infused milk, sevai, lots of dates and assorted dry fruits, and a generous helping of ghee. In order to make this dish, the dry fruits are typically soaked in water the day before and saffron is also added to give it the exotic flavour that makes it so popular.
Photograph: Miansari66/Creative Commons


6. Phirni
Yet another Eid special, Phirni is probably the most favourite dessert. Unlike kheer, which uses whole rice, phirni is made using broken or semi ground rice, cooked with thickened or condensed milk, and copious amounts of dry fruits. The aromatic dish is also garnished with cardamom and saffron to give it an inviting fragrance, and tastes best when served cold.
Photograph: Rajathrajrao/Creative Commons 

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