6 life strategies for a better you

Vijay Choudhary, Head – Information Technology, HRH Group of Hotels, on ways to embrace and increase your well-being. By Shweta Gandhi

In today’s technology-driven world, a CIOs role is constantly evolving. Add to that new stressors and ever increasing business demands. It’s no wonder that work-life balance takes on a whole new meaning. Vijay Choudhary, Head – Information Technology at HRH Group of Hotels, is no stranger to this scenario—his 20 years of experience in the industry have kept him on his toes, challenging him to evolve his personality as much as the technology evolved. His expertise was recognised at CIO Power List this year where he was awarded as a Travel and Hospitality Icon. Here he tells us about the strategies and activities he does on a daily basis to better himself as an IT chief and an individual, and suggests others try them out too.

1. Don’t forget mental fitness
“Mental fitness is extremely crucial for those who are mentally on the job 24/7, like CIOs. It’s required a lot more than physical fitness. So take some time out for math puzzles like Sudoku or crosswords and other puzzles that test your brain and keep it active.”

2. Pass on your knowledge
“Strive to share your life learnings with your team members and even the next generation. It’s what will set you apart from the other CXOs who don’t do it out of fear. Take it upon yourself to be a mentor and a coach to those in your team. The best leaders are those who work alongside and encourage their team every step of the way rather than firing out orders and using fear to drive results. Also a CIO has tons of information and skills in information segregation, and so makes for the best advisor when it comes to career planning and goal setting.”

3. Remember to add value
“In addition to business and technology skills, CIOs should actively cultivate a humanitarian aspect. They should work towards adding value to other people’s lives—whether at work or at home. Keeping yourself open to conversations and a willingness to listen shows that you see your team as more than just employees.”

4. Find ways to de-stress
“I love music and I especially enjoy live instrumental music; I find it a great stress killer. My sons also love playing musical instruments, so thanks to them I get ample opportunity to de-stress every day. Stress is a constant in a CIO’s life, so we need to find way to get rid of it. Or else we’re really harming ourselves.”

5. Build inner strength
“I follow the formula ‘Stress = Pressure / Inner strength’. That is Stress equals to pressure divided by inner strength. The level of pressure isn’t always in our hands and it’s likely to only keep increasing. However ‘inner strength’ is something we can control and increase. The higher the ‘inner strength’, the lesser the stress.”

6. Have a life mantra
“I believe in mantra that comprises of 3s ‘Sadhna-Seva-Satsang’. It should be made part of life and that is true balanced art of living. This is an integral part of my life and it helps me maintain an active work-life balance. So strive to find a mantra that works for you. One that takes care of your spiritual needs so that you emerge a better, more fulfilled human being.” 

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