6 Breakfast foods great for weight loss

Stave off unwanted cravings and calorie-rich snacks by including these healthy foods that help you feel fuller for longer. By Ayushi Khandelwal


1. Avocado
Avocados are often added to meals because if their lip-smacking taste. But did you know this fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients which help in weight loss? They have high fibre content, along with good levels of protein and are low carbohydrates, which keeps hunger at bay for a long time. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, also known as good fats, which control insulin sensitivity and the glycemic index, which can otherwise lead to weight gain and diabetes. You can eat an avocado with other fruits or prepare an avocado on toast or toss it in omelette.


2. Hard boiled eggs
Eggs are low in calories, which makes them ideal for breakfast. Each large, whole egg has just 72 calories and is packed with proteins and amino acids. These aid in the formation of new muscle tissues, which burns calories, and gives the feeling of fullness that stops us from reaching for snacks before lunch. This also stabilises blood sugar levels that ward off hunger.  Avoid frying the eggs as it ups the calories.


3. Apples and pears
No fruit can beat the combination of apples and pears when it comes to weight loss. Apart from being low calories, both fruits have high fibre and water content, which helps in proper digestion while also making you feel full. Also, the low glycemic index in pears keeps your blood sugar stable, which reduces your cravings for more food. You can eat both fruits together or make a smoothie.


4. Lentils
The high fibre and protein content in lentils makes them ideal for breakfast as they satiate your appetite and ward off hunger. Also, they’re low in calories, fats and on the glycemic index, which controls blood sugar levels. Lentils are also packed with nutrients like folate, B vitamins, and minerals, and are gluten-free. They make you feel fuller for longer, and the potassium they contain also helps lower blod pressure. For breakfast, you can have lentil porridge, lentil soup, lentil muffin, or a lentil salad.
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5. Oats with fibre-rich toppings
Oatmeal completely fits the bill if you are looking for a diet low on calories and fat. Whole grain oatmeal is high in fibre, and has a fairly good amount of proteins that ward off hunger by making you feel full for longer. Also, the presence of complex carbohydrates, that break down slowly, keep your blood sugar level normal, helping control cravings. Avoid topping oats with sugar as that might completely crash your weight loss plan. Instead garnish them with toppings high in fibre like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to shed those extra kilos.


6. Cottage cheese or Greek yogurt
The nutritional levels of both cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are different, so make your choice wisely. Both are high in protein, making them perfect for breakfast. But cottage cheese beats Greek yogurt in protein content. If calories are your main concern, then opt for Greek yogurt as it has lesser calories and more calcium and probiotics, which boost metabolism and help in weight loss. Look for plain, low-fat varieties as flavoured Greek yogurts are laden with sugar.
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