6 beard grooming essentials every man must have

The only six-pack you will need to take care of that majestic mane you are so proud of. By Satyaki Sarkar

Maintaining a regal beard that turns jaws and makes every eye in the room stop and take notice is no easy feat. Helping you achieve that perfectly maintained beard are these grooming accessories and products. We suggest you pick them up if you’re looking to craft a beard worthy of a second look.


1. Beard wash
Just like any other part of your body that has hair on it, your beard also needs to be washed and cleansed regularly, if not for aesthetic purposes, then at least for hygienic ones. Therefore investing in a quality beard wash that cleans the pores underneath while getting rid of excess natural oils and dirt in your beard is probably one of the most important parts of maintaining a beard.


2. Beard Oil
While cleansing your beard regularly is important, it also likely to leave it, as well as the skin underneath, feeling dry and dehydrated. This could end up causing dandruff. A good quality beard oil not only provides the much-needed nourishment and moisturization that your beard needs, but also helps prevent it from getting too unruly.


3. Beard wax
How many times have you found yourself wishing your untamed beard would actually listen to you and follow a particular direction of growth, instead of looking like an overgrown tropical rainforest? The solution is using a beard and moustache wax. The wax has the right amount of hold to keep both your moustache and beard in shape, and styled the way you want.


4. Beard comb
Nobody wants a tangled mess of coarse hair running amok on their face, potentially serving as a breeding ground for dirt, and collector of food crumbs, right? That is why a fine toothed beard comb is an absolute must in your grooming kit. It helps keep your beard in order, aides in shaving and helps to evenly distribute oil throughout it.


5. Beard trimmer
While growing out a beard is one of the most trying and difficult phases of the process, it doesn’t turn into a walk in the park afterwards either. A robust electric trimmer is the most important accessory that you will ever pick up. It will help snip off those wild, unruly strands running amok and shape your beard into the work of art it is supposed to be.


6. Safety razor
While the popular belief is to keep a razor as far away from your beard as possible if you wish to grow a proper one, the truth is that not everyone is blessed with the perfect growth that your favourite celebrities seem to have. A safety razor comes in quite handy in maintaining the lines and shape of the beard that you wish to have, while getting rid of unwanted hair growth. 

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