6 bartending tools every man must own

Flaunt your bartending skills at home in style with these essentials. By Shweta Gandhi

Being a home bartender is a position of pride. You have your loving procured stock of alcohol, the imagination to create a unique cocktail for your guest and, now, a list of necessary bartending tools to give yourself that professional sheen.

#1 Jigger
The rise of bartending culture gave birth to the jigger, which is a small cup used to measure alcohol. It’s named for the unit of alcohol it usually measures, which is a jigger also called a shot. Bar jiggers come in various sizes. A jigger is a great tool for those looking to create a measured cocktail, so as to induce the optimum flavour.
Photograph courtesy: Jan Lehnen/Wikimedia Commons

#2 Muddler
This is an indispensable tool if you’re a fan of mojitos and mint juleps. A muddler is basically a heavy round stick made of wood or stainless steel with a round bottom. It is used to crush, mash or bruise herbs and fruits in drinks to extract their aroma and sweetness.
Photograph courtesy: Decodyne

#3 Bar spoon
Apart from being an elegant and long stainless steel spoon that’s great to flaunt, the bar spoon also plays a central role in bartending. Its length ensures it reaches the bottom of the tallest jug or tumbler and directly mixes ingredients in the glass—without crushing the ice.
Photograph courtesy: Hiware


#4 Hawthorne strainer
A Hawthorne strainer comprises a flat disk affixed to a coiled spring that traps all the large chunks of fruit or ice, allowing only the delicious liquid to flow through. The coil in the strainer comes handy when you want a frothy cocktail.



#5 Boston Shaker
A shaker is important as it allows ice to quickly cool the drink before serving. The Boston Shaker is one of the few varieties available. It’s a two-piece shaker made up of a mixing container and a glass that when inserted into each other can be used for shaking. If you’re using crushed ice, you’ll need to use a Hawthorne strainer when pouring out the drink.
Photograph courtesy: Blomus


#6 Pairing knife
This is a special knife and a true necessity for a home bartender. You can cut lime wheels, citrus wedges, peel ginger and cut other garnishing items, like slices of pear or strawberry, to perch on the rim of a cocktail glass.
Photograph courtesy: Kathy Maister/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Winware (main image)

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