6 apps that’ll help you get a good night’s sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Fret not, use one of these apps to doze off peacefully.

1. Pzizz
This app makes use of psychoacoustic principles, ie making use of the effect music has on physiology to create beautiful dreamscapes. The combination of soothing melodies, sounds and voice helps you de-stress and calm down. The app soothes you into a peaceful sleep and ensures you stay asleep for the duration you’ve set. You can even set a wakeup alarm using your favourite song.  The app will surprise you with the variety of sounds it has, playing a different soundtrack every time so that it doesn’t become familiar.
Available for free on both iOS and Android.

2. Sleep Cycle
This is an alarm app that keeps a tab on your sleeping patterns and wakes you up during your light sleep phase. Waking up during light sleep is gentler and less jarring. So you don’t feel out of sorts once awake. Our movements changing during each sleep phase, so the app uses sound analysis to track your motions and therefore your phase. The app also offers data analysis of sleep through graphs and charts.
This is a paid app for Android and iOS.

3. Sleep Genius
The app combines four scientific principals like pink noise (which blocks all distracting noise), psychoacoustic music, multi band binaural beats and neurosensory algorithms to help you sleep like a baby. The app also has a Revive Cycle Alarm that gently awakens you five minutes prior to the set time with soothing sounds. The music will relax your mind and also targets your cardiac and respiratory systems to ensure you wake up in complete harmony. There’s also a power nap feature that helps you take a nap with the aid of psychoacoustic music and wakes you up at the optimal time so you don’t oversleep.
Available for free on Android, but you have to pay for iOS.

4. Sleep Time+
This is another helpful alarm app. It uses the accelerometer in your phone to record subtle movements you make while sleeping and tracks your different phases of sleep. All the information is recorded and presented in a graph form for you to see in the morning. This information is also used to wake you up when you’re in the light phase cycle. If you wake up from a deep sleep cycle, chances are you will feel groggy, irritated and tired throughout the day. The app has 20 built in alarms that are programmed to wake you up in a soothing gentle manner.
This is a paid app on Android and iOS.

5. Sleep as Android
The app has soothing nature sounds to help you fall asleep and wakes you at the optimal time for happier mornings. It records your sleeping patterns and cycles through your body movements at night. Interestingly, it also records snoring and other unusual sounds you make while asleep. The app uses this data to advise you on better sleep habits to maximise your deep sleep percentage. You can also integrate it with your smart watch or other wearable devices.
Available for free on Android.

6. MotionX 24×7
This is another cool sleep tracking app that analyses your sleep and helps improving your sleep quality. It records your heart rate, snoring, other night-time sounds and sleep cycle phases.  It then helps you to identify your sleeping pattern by letting you know how much time you take to fall asleep and how peaceful you sleep every night. The 24X7 power nap feature helps you nap and wakes up at optimal times. The app also has an active alert feature that let you know when you’ve been inactive for long and pushes you towards a physical activity. There’s also a weight tracker that advises you on healthy foods and exercise.
This is a paid app available on iOS. 

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