6 apps to help you manage stress and anxiety

Here are some apps that will help you clear your mind, organise your thoughts and keep stress at bay. By Pooja Paryani

1. Headspace
Mental is wellbeing is key to happiness and this app offers a way to reach that ocean of calm inside you. The app has guided meditations that use mindfulness techniques to manage emotions and relationships. These 10 minute meditations will help you sooth your emotions and find a mental balance. Do the meditations on a basis and notice the difference yourself. There’s also a buddy system to help you stay motivated and track your progress. The app is available on Android and iOS.

2. The Worry Box
When you’re anxious your thoughts tend to run away with you and things look darker than they are. The Worry Box helps you manage the worry and identify what can be done about the situation. It helps you find a coping mechanism to reframe those thoughts, help you think differently, and therefore better handle emotions. It’s self talk for a better, worry-free you. There are also helpful articles and relaxation audios that coach you through exercises on managing the worry.  The app is available only for Android phones.

3. Moods
This app helps you track your emotions and moods, so that you’re able to identify patterns and recognise triggers. The log system is quite simple, and it’s a painless and quick process that aids you in mental well being. All you have to do is enter how you’re feeling during different times of the day. The information you provide is analysed and used to track your moods. The app is only available on iOS.

4. Sleep Time
A good night’s sleep goes a long way towards starting your day off on the right note. Those who struggle with stress and anxiety often have problems falling sleep. That’s where an app to help you fall asleep comes handy. Sleep Time aids you to drift off while listening to soothing and relaxing sounds from nature. The next morning, the app wakes you up when you’re in your lightest sleep phase so that you wake up feeling refreshed. The app also helps you track and graph your sleep patterns, and understand the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting. Available on both iOS and Android.

5. Pacifica
Through this app you can track and rate your moods, discover triggers, and understand your thinking patterns. There are also deep breathing exercises to help you reach a zen state and muscle relaxation exercises to ease tense muscles. Use the diary feature to record your thoughts, and set and maintain your health goals. Available on Android and iOS.

6. Self-help for Anxiety Management
This app is much more intensive than the others. It takes a more holistic view of anxiety and offers a variety of self-help methods for those who are struggling to manage. Through it you can find out what causes your anxiety, keep a tab on your thoughts and behaviour, and use relaxation exercises to manage them. There are tools for both physical and mental relaxation to help you get ease of mind. There’s also a closed social network of users you can turn to for support and motivation. Available on iOS and Android. 

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