5 ways to motivate yourself

Once in a while even leaders tend to flag out. If you are finding yourself drifting, snap out of it with these handy tips.

Just last week we listed out these ways to motivate your team members. But what do you do if it is you that needs some motivation? There’s nothing more dangerous for a team that when its leader itself doesn’t feel up to it. So here are some strategies to get you out of that slump and raring to go.

Celebrate small victories
Sure you’ll have those big moments: when you’ve landed that important client, when you’ve got that promotion you’ve been waiting for or when you get that corner office. These victories are the biggies, ones that come your way only once in a while. And while you absolutely must celebrate these, it is the smaller, everyday ones that need to be celebrated as well. Celebrating the smaller victories helps create positive habits. That way you also break the inertia that almost always finds its way into your daily life.

Draw up a mostly doable to-do list
How often have you looked at your to-do list in the morning and not seen light at the end of the tunnel? Sure, lists always help, but long, exhaustive to-do lists can only motivate you up to a certain point. Sooner rather than later, these lists will tend to put you off and you’ll feel absolutely no motivation to get to the end of them. Instead, draw up a list that is practical. Don’t go easy on yourself; ensure you have an item or two that will challenge you. But the more practical to-do list you have, the more you will find yourself motivated to achieve the things on it. And the high of being able to striking everything (or most of the things) off your list will keep you going.

Learn to focus
We live in a world where we are required to be available 24/7. And the smartphones in our pockets make it impossible to switch off. It is very easy to lose focus and get distracted from your task at hand. Learn to turn off from all those notifications and focus on what you’re doing. The more focused you are, the better you perform. And the better you perform the more likely you will stay motivated.

Don’t compare yourself with others
We live in times when approval from others seems to matter the most. Whether it is the number of recommendations we receive on LinkedIn, the followers we have on Twitter, or the likes we get on our Facebook posts…these things have become important when they shouldn’t be. The moment you start comparing your success with someone else’s you’ve lost the battle right there. Instead learn to focus on what you have achieved and how far you have come. Look back at the distance you’ve covered and take a moment to cherish those victories. Then reorient yourself and start over. You’ll be surprised how pumped up you’ll feel at the end of all of it.

Take a break
This is a no-brainer. Taking a break is one of the best ways to boost your motivational levels. You don’t need research to tell you that you perform at optimal levels when you’re well rested. And if you think you cannot take the time off, it is almost always the time when you really need that break the most. So if you find yourself zoning out at work and facingMonday Blues one too many times, take our advice, take a break and come back rejuvenated. 

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