5 ways to motivate your colleagues and form a winning team!

Contrary to what your juniors may believe, leading a team is a tough job. After all, how do you get together a bunch of people with diverse ideas and inspire them to work together? Read on and find out!

1. Remind them that individual success is linked to team success
Very often, people aren’t aware of how their role is linked to the success of the team and the organisation. It is crucial to show them the connection between what they do every day and how it affects the team’s performance. Each person needs to understand the value of their contribution and realise they’re building a strong team foundation. Take the time out to explain, even to the lowest-paid resource in your team, why their role is important in the larger scheme of things.

2. Break down individual goals
It is daunting when you throw a huge figure at your colleagues and demand that they meet the target. This can lead to discouragement and ultimately self-doubt. Neither of these is healthy or helping your team achieve the target. Instead reframe those goals into smaller challenges that will motivate your team members to actually work towards achieving them.

3. Build real relationships
This doesn’t mean taking the team out for drinks every Friday night or adding them as friends on all social media platforms. Building real relationships means a lot more. It involves attempting to understand their fears, passions, weaknesses and strengths. It means making the time to be involved in their lives and understand their goals. And helping them achieve them.

4. Don’t forget to praise the effort
Efforts and results are not always directly proportional. Results are dependant on a lot of other factors. For instance, your team member may achieve her/his revenue targets one month and go completely off the mark the next month because of factors beyond her/his control. It is important that, as a leader, you recognise the efforts that went into it. It will remind your employee that you care as much for the effort as you do for the results.

5. Build a happy environment
Difficult targets and long hours can be made a lot easier if you work towards making the workplace a happy one. How to make it fun is up to you—it could vary from giving interesting incentives for targets achieved to taking everyone out for an exciting group activity or simply bonding over common interests. But you are bound to see a rise in motivation when you make your workplace one that people look forward to coming to every morning. 

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