5 ways minimalism can transform your life

This lifestyle’s benefits reach beyond just a clutter-free home and office. By Satyaki Sarkar

Consumerism is the order of the day with advertisers constantly convincing us we need to buy more to be stylish, trendy, and relevant. We no longer buy things only because they perform a necessary function. We buy more and more products each month, none of which are a necessity. This means we’re surrounding ourselves with clutter that’s useless, expensive, and distracting. In light of this, the mantra of minimalism is a popular one being adopted by professionals all over the world. The idea of a neat, clutter-free, compartmentalised life with only the essentials can seem quite daunting at first. But it’s proved to be beneficial in the long run. And you’ll benefit with more than just a neat home and office space, minimalism can have a profound impact on other aspects of your life too.

1. A clearer, more focussed mind
A minimalistic lifestyle is not just clutter-free physically, but mentally too. It involves focusing on the things that actually matter the most, thereby improving focus and dedication. The first step to adopting a minimalist lifestyle is to sort out the unnecessary things that you never use and either dispose of them completely or store them away in another space, if you cannot bring yourself to part with them yet. Hanging on to sentimental clutter isn’t always a good thing. Getting rid of those items can help you move on. So really consider what you want to keep. The lesser the number of things taking up your attention, the easier you will find it to give your 100 per cent to the important aspects of your life, without distractions.

2. Prioritising to increase productivity
Minimalism is not just about making do with only the things you need, but it is also concerned with prioritising the things you need based on their importance, so that you know exactly which ones need your attention immediately, and which ones don’t. Prioritising tasks is a habit that is immensely helpful in your professional life, and minimalism can prove invaluable in teaching you how to do just that. Once you are able to do this, you will find that you are able to schedule your day’s tasks and chores a lot more efficiently. This in turn leads to better productivity.

3. Avoid a tech overload
Technology pretty much governs each and every aspect of our lives. Be it the smartphone we are carrying, or the Fit-bit/smartwatch we’ve got strapped on, we are constantly connected to some form of technology or the other, and at times, it simply gets to be too much. We pride ourselves on our ability to multitask, but in fact that is a habit that ends up being extremely detrimental in the end, as it not only affects our performance but also our health. This is why, every once in a while, you should make it a habit to unplug from your gadgets for a short while and give yourself a much needed break. Additionally, avoid using more than one device at once (eg: if you’re on your iPad put your phone away). This will prevent your attention from getting scattered and help you focus on the task at hand.

4. Provides structure and order
A clutter-free, clean environment is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also hugely beneficial as well, in terms of giving you more space to operate in, as well as an organised space so you can find things quickly, when you’re in a hurry. It’s like a neatly organised email inbox or laptop homescreen where everything is compartmentalised and organised into folders so you’re not getting distracted by the hundreds of emails and files coming in every day. You can easily access what you need when you need it, creating an efficient work environment. Similarly a structured environment not only creates more space but also prevents the work from seeming like an impossible mess you have to finish. Instead you can take it one step at a time, systematically.

5. More free time
A minimalistic lifestyle helps organise your life thereby eliminating the miscellaneous junk that you would otherwise have to spend hours sorting through. As a result, it frees up more time than you otherwise would have. Contrary to what people think, a minimalist life doesn’t mean an empty, lonely one. In fact, being free of the unnecessary clutter gives you the freedom to pursue another hobby, spend time with your family, or take some much needed ‘me time’. 

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