5 ways to be an inspiring leader

Use these strategies to bring out the best in your team and boost your company’s growth.
By Priya Prakasan

More and more employees are feeling disconnected from their work and leaders. This poses a problem, as people are a company’s most important resource. To achieve results leaders need to step away from the one-size-fits-all approach and develop a motivation and engagement strategy that takes into account each person’s unique talents. So how do leaders build trust, inspire, motivate, and drive individual as well as team performance? Start with these five effective ways.

1. Explain how they add value to the organisation
Help employees understand how their teamwork, contribution and efforts enhance the company’s progress and corporate excellence. Inspire their performance by helping them see how their day-to-day goals add value to the collective vision and continuous growth of your organisation. Employees are likely to work harder, with more dedication, if they understand the value of their contribution towards the larger goal. It instils a sense of pride and accomplishment to be a part of something larger.

2. Take the time to truly know your employees
Employees trust and value leaders who take the time to pay attention and understand their aptitudes, affinities, interests, personal goals, and behaviours. These are the kind of leaders who can inspire them to rise above the mundane. So when you’re spending time with your employees, make the most of it. Find out what makes them tick; show them you genuinely care. Make the time to know them in order to inspire them.

3. Take innovation beyond the ideation stage
It isn’t just about providing opportunities for ideation, but also helping them implement the ideas to create something innovative. As a leader go beyond just the talk, give employees opportunities to bring their ideas to life. This way they will find greater meaning and therefore satisfaction in their work. It will also provide opportunities for professional and personal growth, inspiring them to perform. However, you also need to provide them with the right tools and resources that will elevate their performance. Give them a platform to share their ideas for innovation-based projects in your company. It will not motivate employees to perform better but will also drive the organisation towards its goals.

4. Giving your employees ownership
Leaders can build trust by sharing their administrative power and control. By entrusting these key facets you’re building a sense of ownership that will far outweigh accountability. Empowering employees with your authority shows your trust and faith in them, in turn inspiring them to step up, take charge and go the extra mile if needed to get the job done. This could translate to you letting a senior employee take charge of a special project, while you observe from a distance. This way you’re also grooming the next rung of leaders within your team and increasing engagement, all of which also help you retain valued employees. So work to instil this spirit of ownership among your employees.

5. Show your respect and trust
Apart from praising them and appreciating employees, it is also incredibly important to convey your respect for them. In fact respect is a lot more valuable and stronger bond than recognition or praise. So show your employees the impact that your respect and help them understand how they can earn it. When employees work to be worthy of your regard and respect you will see a positive shift in their performance. Trust is another fundamental ingredient in the leader-employee relationship. Employees are inspired to perform better if they believe they have their leader’s faith and belief. Show them you trust their capabilities to deliver, acknowledge the fact that you believe in them through the work you assign to them.

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