5 versatile tie knots every man should know

Add something unique to your look with these stylish knots. By Satyaki Sarkar

Every man who is particular about his attire knows that an exceptional tie can make or break the look. It’s a great accessory, and when it comes to ties, it’s also the kind of knot you tie that makes a difference. So forget the same old boring Windsor’s and Four-in-Hand’s and get to know these five stylish tie knots.


1. Eldredge Knot
One of the classiest knots in the world, this unique tie knot looks almost like a flower when tied properly. Perfect for formal occasions and for creating a lasting impression, the Eldredge Knot is as complex as it is beautiful. This classy knot involves 15 different steps that one must follow in order to tie it correctly. The finished knot has a wide top, with a tapering, narrow neck, and accentuates an outfit by adding to its charm. Repeated practice is a must, if you’re to get this difficult knot correct.
Photograph: Aaron Muszalski/Flickr


2. Trinity Knot
This one is back in fashion thanks to its popularity on the internet. The knot is loved for its three-way symmetrical design, which makes it resemble the Celtic Triquetra. The central converging pattern of the knot gives it an exceptional visual appeal. Best for single stripe or plain colour ties, it is a lot more difficult to tie than it looks, as achieving the perfect symmetrical finish requires quite a bit of practice.
Photograph: Andrey Shipilov/Flickr


3. Ediety Knot
The Ediety knot is also known by another name, the Merovingian knot, one that is probably even better known than the original. Sported by the Merovingian in the Matrix movies, this exceptionally fancy knot adds a whole lot of flair to your look, by making it seem like your tie is actually wearing another tie. Owing to the large amount of cloth used to tie this knot, the tail end usually just ends up dangling freely, and so, a vest or a sweater is a must along with it. Choosing a two-tone coloured tie works best, ensuring the tail distinguishably contrasts the body.
Photograph: Remixer96/Flickr


4. Templar Knot
An invention by Anthony Jacques, this is one of the most unique tie knots known to modern man. Strictly only for contrast ties, the Templar knot must be worn with a vest or a jacket, so that only the top part remains visible. This makes it look like a shield bearing a Templar cross, the reason behind the name. If the tie is stiff enough, the edges need not be pursed in either, as the tie will be supporting itself, ending up with clean vertical lines and an exceptionally sharp finish.
Photograph: Irelocus/Wikimedia Commons


5. Atlantic Knot
This unique and unconventional knot is actually a reversed version of the popular Pratt Knot. Unlike most other knots, it actually shows off the knot structure, which usually stays hidden. Making for an exceptionally modern and exotic look, this knot is quite difficult to learn to tie, but if done right, the patience pays off, as it’s all but guaranteed to make you stand out confidently among the other regular old knots.
Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

Lead image: Chris Brown: Flickr

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