5 most useful travel apps

Planning a trip is now a breeze with these super-helpful tools. There’s an app for just about every step along the way, from bookings to travel itineraries to packing. By Pooja Paryani

When travelling you have to keep track of flight bookings, hotel bookings, rental car books and many more. And every time you have to search your laptop/phone/inbox to find the relevant details. Worst-case scenario, you print every single booking. Enter Tripit. This app customises a master itinerary as per your bookings. All you have to do is email all your bookings and the app does the rest. Once your master itinerary is made you can access it from anywhere. Time to junk all those printouts and go the Tripit way. The app is available on Android and iOS, with a free basic version. There’s a paid version for premium services; you get a 30-day trial before you have to pay.

The world is vast and while English is a common language of communication for many, there are a lot of places where it isn’t widely spoken. But rather than carrying a bulky dictionary, download the Duolingo app, what teaches you languages from around the world. Learn the basics of a language through interesting games that ensure you don’t forget what you’ve learnt. We suggest you start using the app at least a week before your next trip so that you hit the ground running. Duolingo is free, and available on both iOS and Android.

Are you a frequent flyer? Or one who wants to make the most of his flight experience? LoungeBuddy taps into the airport lounge zone to provide the best experience. Using the app you can search, book and access premium airport lounges. The next time your flight is delayed or you just need a few minutes of downtime between flights, use LoungeBuddy to get the best experience. The app is free to download on Android and iOs.

This app is a cool travel advisor that suggests must-visit sites and restaurants in the city you’re headed to. Just type in your destination, select the points of interest you’d like to try and add these to your trip itinerary. To help to choose, there are descriptions, reviews, and pictures along with other pertinent information (like phone number and address). Your selections are then flagged on the app’s multi-destination map to give you a handy reckoner for your trip. The itineraries are quite detailed with dates, times, cost and note options. You can also email them your flight and hotel bookings to add to the itinerary. A cool tool for predictive trip planning. Tripsee is available for free on iOS and Android.

No matter what we do, somehow packing for a trip always happens hurriedly the night before. So here’s an app that makes sure you haven’t forgotten anything necessity in the rush. PackPoint helps you make a list of all the things to pack and reminds you of items from umbrella to socks. It works as per the type of trip you’re going on, for example, hiking, camping, international, beach holiday, travelling with a baby, etc. If you are travelling in a group you can share your list with your fellow travellers. PackPoint is available for free on iOS and Android. 

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