5 tips to lead a more healthy life

Nandkishor Dhomne, VP-IT and CIO, Manipal Hospitals, shares easy ways to live and stay fit.
By Pooja Paryani

During his 22 years in the IT space Nandkishor Dhomne has worked in varied industry verticals like manufacturing, logistics, airports, infrastructure and education. Currently in healthcare with Manipal Hospitals, Nandkishor is responsible for implementing key IT initiatives like the Hospital Information System that covers 1200+ hospital processes, IBM Watson installation, tele-radiology, executive dashboards for key stakeholders, mobility solutions, computerised central helpdesk, and IT security policies. For his dedication to his work, Nandkishor was awarded as a Healthcare and Pharma Icon at CIO Power List 2016.

Nandkishor is quick to point out that thought he’s immersed in work almost all day, he makes it a point to take out time to look after himself. A self-avowed fitness freak, Nandkishor believes exercising helps him stay energetic throughout the day and also improves his concentration. He clubs this with a healthy diet to avoid weight gain and lethargy. An active proponent of ‘health equals wealth’, Nandkishor also mentors his team on how to stay fit. “Exercising doesn’t always mean squeezing in an hour at the gym every single day,” says Nandkishor. “It can also be about doing small, simple things throughout the day that add up to a healthy lifestyle.” Here, he shares four easy ways to get kick-started on a fitter you.

1. Get active
“Given the type of hectic lifestyle CXOs lead and the stress experienced, it’s important to stay active. Those who aren’t so keen on going to the gym can go jogging, cycling or even walking on a regular basis. You can even play a sport; pick something that you enjoy doing so that you don’t lose interest or get bored. Start off with a few days a week and then build up to four days. I like going to the gym. So when travelling I make sure I stay in a hotel that has a gym so that my fitness routine is not disrupted. If your body isn’t at it’s healthy best, your work isn’t at it’s best either.”

2. Get up from your desk
“We lead very sedentary lives stationed in front of our computers all day. It’s important to get out of that posture every now and then. I counsel my team to get up from their desks and walk around the office every once in a while. Stretch those tense muscles and drink some water for hydration. The breaks will energise the body and mind.”

3. Watch what you eat
“Eat healthy and a lot of things will fall into place. This is as essential as exercising. Opt for healthy alternatives to fried or junk food. They maintain your body’s energy levels and give you much-needed nutrition. I follow a strict diet and keenly follow what I eat. Also, don’t have three really heavy meals in a day. Break them down into four or five smaller meals. That way you’ll get nutritional energy over a longer period of time and not given in to the cravings that strike between meals.”

4. Get a good night’s sleep
After a tiring, stressful day at work our body needs to rest well. We’re the one’s who will loose out if we don’t give out body the time it needs to rejuvenate itself. Sleep for a good seven to eight hours so that you are energetic and motivated the next morning.”

 5. Party on weekends
“We all like to socialise and party, that’s one of life’s pleasures. But it might not be such a great idea to go out almost every night after work. You might be pushing your body too hard. So try to keep the outings at a minimum during the week and party on the weekends. This way you have something to look forward to at the end of the week and you have the energy to truly have fun and enjoy with your friends.” 

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  • Posted: August 20, 2016 08:48

    Manish Kumar Singh

    Happy to see a relevant article from relevant person :). I am seeing NK Sir from more than 3 years and his work life balance is great .. Evergreen, ever smiling . Now I know the tricks :) .. Will follow it

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