5 time management tips that work!

If practiced consistently these habits will help raise your efficiency and productivity. By Satyaki Sarkar

In today’s fast-paced world the phrase ‘time is money’ is no longer just a saying, but more often than not a reality. As such, managing and appropriately utilising time is essential for everyone, especially for someone who is handling a vast range of diverse responsibilities and a team to take care of. Leaders and managers are responsible not only for themselves, but for each and every person working under them, as well as every aspect of how the business operates and performs. To help you achieve that goal, we’ve brought you five tips to juggle your time better.

1. Delegate
A business leader or manager can’t to do everything alone, so delegating the work to the right person is essential in utilising your time, energy, and resources to their fullest. Unless a particular task absolutely needs your involvement, you should not invest your valuable time in it, but rather delegate it to the appropriate person. This way, you can create a hierarchy of employees who can take care of the tasks that do not need your participation, while you can concentrate on those that do.

2. Prioritise
Effective time management is only possible when one is adept at planning their day, and that can only happen if you can identify your priorities when it comes to your business, and fix up your schedule accordingly. If a particular task is not time sensitive, you should push it to the end of your list in favour of ones that are. This way, you can handle the most important, pressing tasks on your agenda first, to make sure they are done on time, and then you can move on to the next most important task, and so on, according to varying levels of priority.

3. Schedule your day
For someone who is constantly handling a plethora of responsibilities, the importance of planning your day out and maintaining an up-to-date calendar can’t be stated enough. Not only is it an extremely healthy habit, it is the only way to make sure you get all your work done without missing any previous engagements. When you have all your tasks listed down, you can carefully divide your days into segments based on the time you’d need for each task, and work comfortably on a particular task without worrying about what comes next, or compromising on one or a few tasks to get everything done. Additionally, you should also keep some time for yourself at the end of the day when you can jot down the additional tasks you have coming up and organise your next day accordingly.

4. Regular time audits
When you have a long list of things to get done in a day and very limited time, each and every spare minute becomes invaluable. So even after making your calendar you cannot simply go on working blindly, but rather, you need to keep checking every now and then to make sure you’re adhering to that schedule. Noting down how effectively you are utilising your time ensures that you know when you’re running late and need to catch up, or are ahead of time, and can therefore finish up other responsibilities as well, if need be. This will help you know exactly which tasks are taking you more time than they should, and why, and then figure out ways to increase your efficiency, or re-organise your day, according to the new estimates.

5. Automate tasks
For managers in leadership positions, it is impossible and impractical to get into the nitty gritties of each and every aspect of your role. Additionally, assigning jobs that could otherwise be automated to your team members is also a waste of their time. As such, you should always analyse and find out which of your tasks can be completely automated and do not need any human intervention. Then take it forward by automating them. This not only takes a lot of responsibilities off your shoulders and frees up your day, but in most instances automatising the work can lead to an even higher level of efficiency and productivity.

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