5 TED Talks that’ll change the way you look at your career

Whether you’ve had a bad day at work or are experiencing a career low, these motivational TED Talks will rekindle your mojo.

By Nolan Lewis

Barry Schwartz: “The way we think about work is broken”
This isn’t just a go-to guide, it is a visual aptitude test. Psychologist Barry Schwartz challenges the notion that it is six figure paycheques take we take home at the end of the month that actually make us happy workers. Referencing economists like Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes, Schwartz uses statistical data to prove that you cannot always find your true calling by chasing figures.
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Chio Kidd: “The Art of first impressions”
Ever been accused of being a bit superficial? Don’t let that put you down, having a veneer that gravitates towards beauty doesn’t make you shallow, it can actually help you further your career. Kidd, who constantly redefines contemporary Pop Art with his thought-provoking book covers, tells you that being a creature whose functioning is guided by pleasing-but-not-necessarily intellectual visual cues isn’t always a bad thing. So judging a book by its cover may not be as wrong as it is made out to be. After all, function does follow form.
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Margaret Heffernan: “Dare to disagree”
Many people believe that one of the most self-destructive things an executive can do is say ‘No’ to the boss. However, as business coach Margaret Heffernan advises, learning to carve out your boundaries is also one of the most essential tools that will help you survive the corporate rat race. Watch this one to know how to negate, without stepping on any toes or getting hurt in the bargain.
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Achenyo Idachaba: “How I turned a deadly plant into a thriving business”
Botanist and environmentalist Achenyo states one of the most obvious facts of life—in her trademark gregarious style—that there are no rights and wrongs, only opportunities. Even the gravest social evil comes laced with hidden potential. Known the world over as a parasitic weed that clogs reservoirs and threatens aquatic life, Achenyo talks about how she harvested the deadly Water Hyacinth and built a million dollar brand out of it.
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Susan Cain: “The power of introverts”
Right from our youngest days in kindergarten we are trained to be aggressive and outgoing. We are taught that the winner takes it all. But what if your genetics inclined you to have a slightly different personality—one that is silent and reserved? Does that make you a lesser animal in the corporate jungle? Communication consultant Susan Cain explores the benefits of being a wallflower, and tells you how you can get your way without saying a word!
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