5 TED Talks to help you work smarter

Whether you’re stuck in a rut at work or pushing yourself to the extreme, here’s some expert advice on how to improve your approach to work. By Shweta Gandhi

All of us could do with a little motivation and inspiration to snap us out of humdrum daily routine at work and expand our horizon with new ideas. So squeeze in at least one of these videos during your daily commute or your lunch/tea break, and take in what these thought leaders have to say.

Shawn Achor

1. Shawn Achor: “The happy secret to better work”
Shawn, a psychologist by profession, studies positive psychology to see how human potential intersects with success and happiness. Based on his research, Shawn teaches organisations how to increase happiness in the workspace, thereby creating positive transformations and raising the rate of success and profitability. In this video, he questions our belief that we need to work hard in order to be happy. In fact, he argues that it is, in fact, happiness that motivates us to be super-productive at work. This 12-minute video will have you thinking twice about some long-held beliefs.
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Dan pink

2. Dan Pink: “The puzzle of motivation”
Dan, a former political speechwriter, is a career analyst who has written influential bestsellers on the transformation of modern workplaces and the role motivation pays. In this talk, Dan asks us to rethink our now-old approach to motivation (of carrots and sticks), stressing that the traditional rewards are no longer as effective as they were, because rather than encouraging innovation they are restricting it. As a solution he proposes another system of motivation that relies on autonomy, mastery and purpose. Dan says these three are the building blocks to new operating system for businesses.
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Simon Sinek

3. Simon Sinek: “How great leaders inspire action”
Simon is a leadership expert who studies leaders and their behaviour to see how they inspire cooperation and trust, thereby bringing about change. He addresses the question: how do some manage to inspire while others can’t? Simon explains that inspiring leaders and organisations communicate in a way that is unique to all of them and different from how everyone else does it. Simon calls this pattern the Golden Circle and goes on to explain it using case studies include Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers. Listen, understand and see if you can join this innovative band of leaders.
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4. Yves Morieux: “As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify”
Yves is a consultant who researches how organisations can work more efficiently and more effectively. In the video, he discusses how the modern, non-linear structures of management are leaving individual employees confused, unhappy and stressed. There are all manners of complications in management, a bureaucracy that makes lives miserable, thereby reducing productivity. So to deal with the complexity, Yves suggests a simplicity approach to cut down on the confusion. Rule one? Understand what your colleagues actually do.
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Nigel Marsh

5. Nigel Marsh: “How to make work-life balance work”
An author and marketer, Nigel writes about how one’s business and personal life interact with each other. In this 10-minute video, he covers the true importance work-life balance, and how, if left in the hands of your employer, it can be critically damaged. He provides solutions in terms of an ideal day that perfectly balances work, family and personal time; and how it can actually be achieved.
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