5 TED Talks to help you be a better leader

Sharpen your management skills with these insightful and motivational talks.

Tony Robbins1

Tim Harford: “Trial, Error and the God Complex”
Tim Harford is an economics professor, and in this talk he urges leaders to admit to their own fallibility, to question this belief that they’re always right. Rather, Tim encourages them to solve problems by behaving with humility. He recommends leaders admit when they’re wrong, take a step back, analyse the situation and use systematic problem solving techniques that involve trail and error.
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Carol Dweck: “The Power of Believing You Can Improve”
Here, Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University, discusses many of the concepts covered in her book Mindset. She highlights the fact that all skills can be learned, and that is a fundamental understanding all should have. The idea is to have a growth mindset. As a manager encourage people to upgrade their skills and discourage negative thoughts like “I can’t do that/I don’t have the skills to do that” that are a weakness. If they don’t have the skills then show them how they can get better. Reward hard and work as well as those who showcase a growth mindset and a drive to learn. A strong, efficient team is one that’s focussed on growth and is eager to learn and improve.
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Tim Harford1

Tony Robbins: “Why We Do What We Do”
In this talk, motivational speaker and life coach Tony Robbins helps people understand the invisible driving forces in their life, stating that it’s our emotions and not self-interest that pushes us to take actions. He lists out six of these big forces—certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection and love, growth, and, finally, to contribute beyond ourselves. By understanding how these needs work, leaders can understand and appreciate their workers’ real motivation and help them contribute better.
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Jason Fried1

Jason Fried: “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work”
Successful startup entrepreneur and author Jason Fried says that the main culprits responsible for the lack of productivity at work are M&Ms—Managers and Meetings. Jason believes managers are a huge distraction and meetings are “toxic”, disrupting the flow of work. So how can one remedy the situation? Jason offers three solutions that focus on scheduling quiet time and reducing unnecessary interruptions and meetings.
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Tom Wujec 1

Tom Wujec: “Build a Tower Build a Team”
Tom Wujec uses technology and design to help people comprehend ideas and companies solve problems. This is exactly what he does in this talk on productivity and team building. Tom discusses insights gleaned from a design challenge called the “marshmallow problem”. Teams of four have to build a tall tower using tape, 20 sticks of dry spaghetti, and one marshmallow (which has to be on top). So what makes for a truly successful team? Watch this TED Talk to find out.
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