5 sock stores that’ll help you make a bold statement

Dotted, striped, argyle or patterned—buy the quirkiest variety from these fun online sock stores.
By Shweta Gandhi

Socks are a vital part of a man’s attire. Though mostly discrete, they peek out as you sit or move, and are a great way to create an impression. They’re an ideal way to add a splash of colour to a staid outfit and a subtle way of letting your personality come through. Think about it—the only time you’re not wearing socks is probably on the weekend when you’re strolling around the block in your sandals. For the other days, play with socks from these cool online stores!


1. Happy Socks
True to their name, Happy Socks will compel you into ditching those plain black socks and entice you to try a fun, colourful pair. They offer a mammoth of choices—thin stripes, dotted, argyle, striped and dotted, cocktail (literally with a Cosmopolitan cocktail glass), hearts with arrows, abstract, paisley, flowers, cats, optical patterns—in a variety of hues. There’s something for all occasions!


2. Kipp and Ludwig
Expect bright tints like sunflower yellow, electric blue, parrot green, zesty lime and sky blue in plain, conventional designs or adventurous and light-hearted patterns, all segregated according to different occasions like weddings, date nights, brunches, and board meetings. Kipp and Ludwig also lets you gift a Soxbox with five socks of your choosing to your friends.


3. Happy Toes
From understated crisscross patterns for boardroom meetings to bicycle prints for Sunday morning runs, Happy Toes literally has socks for every occasion. Their collection features classic colours with simple and minimalistic designs, and if you’re a fan of sustainable and organic products, their stock of organic cotton socks is sure to please you.


4 The Moja Club
The Moja Club uses the highest quality combined cotton, polyamide and elastane to produce optimum comfort and breathable fabrics for your feet. They have all the unique styles under the sun from polka dots to colourful box-within-box designs. The Moja Club’s USP is that you can pick a suitable subscription plan wherein they deliver freshly made socks to your home. Say goodbye to sock troubles!


5 Footsy
This store is for those who really want to have fun with their socks. Check out socks with moustaches, cute dogs, cubes, sharks, tigers, unicorns, zebra, dots and squares, elephants, cat faces, an much much more. The colours are a mix of bright hues, pastel shades and solid dyes. From knee-length to crew socks to ankle-length to sockets, Footsy has them all.

Some tips to remember while choosing the right pair of socks:

  • Never match the pattern on your sock to any other pattern in the rest of your ensemble.
  • Choose a colour that pops out, rather than a subdued one that fits in with the shade of your shoes and/or trousers.
  • The colour of your socks would ideally be inspired from a hue you’re wearing in your ensemble.
  • For black tie events, opt for black socks with minimal design.
  • Go for argyle if you’re looking for a conventional and classy design.
  • Sandals and socks are a no-no.

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