5 reasons to replace your morning coffee with Earl Grey tea

Here’s why you should have a cuppa of this delicious brew every day. By Satyaki Sarkar

One of the most popular blends of tea in the world, Earl Grey has long been known for its distinctly unique and delectable taste. However, that is not the only reason that thousands of people are dinking this hot beverage daily. Find out about the various health benefits of this blend and why you should start drinking it too!

1. Helps prevents cancer
The remarkable amount of antioxidants found in the Earl Grey tea is incredibly helpful in preventing cancer. Natural antioxidants, apart from keeping the skin looking young and healthy, also seek out and destroy free radicals in the body. Free radicals transform healthy cells to malignant ones. As a result, drinking the healthy beverage on a regular basis can help ward off cancer, and a host of chronic diseases. Several studies show that the concentrated amount of antioxidants in Earl Grey tea make it extremely helpful in lowering the risk of contracting digestive tract cancer, prostate cancer, and even lung cancer.

2. Improves heart health
Endothelium is a lining of the blood and lymphatic vessels in our body, and is responsible for creating new blood vessels, repairing damaged ones, and keeping blood flow smooth and healthy. Flavonoids present in Earl Grey help prevent the decay of the lining, known as endothelial dysfunction, which is one of the major signs of future cardiovascular disease. In addition to that, by preventing oxidative stress and plaque build-up in the heart, the tea also helps in reducing the amount of triglycerides present in the body, one of the major causes of strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis.

3. Reduces anxiety and stress
The presence of bergamot in Earl Grey tea has been proven to provide relief to patients with anxiety and stress disorders, since bergamot is naturally used to treat depression. Along with the presence of bergamot, the small amount of caffeine present in the tea makes it excellent a drink to enjoy after a long day. The benefit is that the amount of caffeine present in Early Grey tea is not too much to be harmful, like in coffee, but instead, helps improve relaxation, concentration and uplifts one’s mood.

4. Helps in weight loss
Earl Grey tea has a small amount of citrus extract in it, due to the presence of bergamot, it’s key flavouring agent. Although comparatively less known for it, citrus extract has been scientifically proven to be an excellent agent that helps induce weight loss, without harmful side effects. Furthermore, citrus extract also helps boost the natural metabolism of the body. This makes the beverage an excellent alternative to other harmful medicines and foods for weight loss.

5. Prevents inflammation
This tea is loaded with a host of naturally occurring nutrients and organic compounds that are known to be incredibly helpful in fighting inflammation of the throat and stomach, as well as preventing other kind of pains, aches, or irritation. Additionally, the leaves of the Earl Grey tea, once cooled, are also popularly used for a variety of external applications, such as for skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis, while the antioxidants present in the tea promote fast healing, and prevent the formation of blemishes.

Photograph:é Helbig/Wikimedia Commons

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