5 reasons why you should have a hobby

Mental, emotional and physical benefits aside, having a hobby will also make you a better boss. Here’s why everyone, especially tense workaholics, should have one. By Shweta Gandhi

Read up on really successful people and you’ll notice they all have a hobby, whether it is playing sports, writing books, cooking or creating music. Their mantra for success is to take regular breaks and spend their time in an activity that takes their mind off work and the daily pressures. Here are five proven reasons why this really is a good idea.

1. It makes you a better decision maker
Taking a break from work and then coming back to it refreshes your mind and gives you a better ability to solve problems. You are able to think practically about which decision would be the right one, and your time off prevents you from making hasty decisions. Also doing something else for even a short while gets your brain to think along a different track and

2. You become a better planner
Every time you decide to engage in a hobby, it requires you to plan out your day and hours so that you can fit in all that needs to be done and thereby better manage your time. This helps you build on your planning skills and improves your execution skills—both of which are crucial for business.

3. It makes you more creative
This one is especially true for people who indulge in activities like music and art. Activities that use more of your right brain exercise your creativity and imagination, giving you the ability to think out of the box. They make you follow your intuition and more prone to taking risks—something that also helps at work.

4. It reinforces your belief in yourself
Whether you want to run a marathon or author a novel, the satisfaction you get when you finally achieve your milestone is a major ego boost. It reinforces your believe in yourself and your potential to achieve. This high follows you to the office too and makes those daunting targets much easier to handle.

5. It makes you value your time
Having a hobby and staying true to it sets the foundation for unbound dedication. You stick with your hobby because you enjoy doing it and are passionate about it. You carve out precious time from your busy schedule for it. This will make you value the time you spend on each activity—whether it’s at work or at home. 

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