5 reasons why you should become a mentor

It’s in a leader’s best interest to shape the young talent in an organisation and develop tomorrow’s trailblazers.

Mentoring can be a powerful way for leaders to share their expertise, encourage budding talent, and facilitate another’s professional growth. But it isn’t always the protégé or mentee who walks away with all the benefits. Mentoring has huge dividends for the mentor as well. From gain credibility to enhance skills and building a legacy, here’s why you should seriously consider becoming a mentor.

You continue learning
Mentoring provides an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge and have an ear to the ground to maintain an awareness of what is happening around you. You will gain a fresh perspective and insight on matters relevant to your day-to-day business. By closely interacting with someone at a different level you are learning how things function in their part of the business and sphere. You are gaining better context, improving your judgement and in turn becoming smarter.

You gain credibility
By volunteering as a mentor you increase your visibility and get seen as a high performer, someone who is adding value to the business. It increases your credibility thereby offering you more opportunities to be more connected, meet more peers and leaders. You will also gain respect from your mentee, who will in turn spread your goodwill among his/her professional and social circles, thus increasing your sphere of influence and reach.

You sharpen your leadership skills
To be a good mentor you need to master some skills that are also crucial leadership skills. By being a mentor you are helping strengthen these skills, while also boosting another person’s career. You’re training yourself to be a more attentive and effective listener. Since you’re closely interacting with people from different backgrounds, skillsets, etc, you’re also being introduced to different perspectives that could enhance your problem solving abilities and enhance your mental agility.

You’re developing talent in your organisation
As a leader you know the importance of developing and retaining good talent. By supporting employees and helping them become top performers you’re helping them attain their goals, obtain satisfaction in the workplace and increasing their commitment to the organisation. Through mentorship you are nurturing in-house talent, moulding future leaders, and helping the organisation promote from within. This is a great way to contribute to the success of your organisation. 

You’re building relationships and a legacy
The corporate world can be cutthroat and work environments can be stressful. Through mentorship you are easing out this tension and replacing it with a relationship that’s built on trust, respect, and mutual interest. You’re creating a strong bond in a place where there are far too many shallow ones. In this way you’re also creating a legacy by passing on your knowledge, values and vision to your mentee. Through your encouragement and support you’re inspiring new ideas that will be built upon by the employees that follow.

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