5 must-try classic whiskey cocktails

Switch over from whiskey neat to one of these timeless drinks that will never let you down. By Satyaki Sarkar

Whiskey is a popular spirit that can be had on its own or mixed with a few key ingredients to create amazing cocktails. This weekend, take our suggestion, leave the other spirits behind, and whip up one of these tried-and-tested whiskey drinks that you are sure to love!

Irish Coffee

1. Irish Coffee
When a drink has its origins in a country that has a national festival for drinking, you know you simply can’t go wrong with the drink. Made by combining coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and a few dollops of whipped cream, the drink is as delicious as it is potent. It can warm you up on a cold night, or knock you out flat, if made strong enough!
Photograph: Marler/Creative Commons

Mint Julep

2. Mint Julep
A refreshing whiskey cocktail, the Mint Julep is an absolute must try for those just starting to look beyond single malts. All you need to make this invigorating drink is bourbon, sugar, water, ice, and muddled fresh mint leaves.
Photograph: Jazz Guy/Flickr

Old Fashioned

3. Old Fashioned
A timeless classic, Old Fashioned is one of the simplest, yet most delicious whiskey cocktail, with its origins predating most others on this list. It’s believed this cocktail first appeared in Kentucky, US, in the 1880s. The perfect combination of sweetness and potency, the drink is made by mixing sugar, bitters, whiskey, and a few drops of water in a bourbon glass filled one fourth with ice. Squeeze an orange peel over the glass and add it to the drink. Garnish with a cherry.
Photograph: Jeff Wilcox/Flickr


4. Highball
Typically made using blended whiskeys, rye whiskey, or bourbon, the Highball is a tall, refreshing drink that gets made quickly. Fill half of a tall glass with ice, and pour in your choice of whiskey, before adding chilled club soda or ginger ale. Stir together you have a drink that will keep you coming back for more.
Photograph: uka0310/Flickr

Whiskey Sour

5. Whiskey Sour
As the name suggests, this drink has a tangy, citrusy flavour, and is popular the world over. Usually served in a coupe glass or an old fashioned lowball glass, the drink is made by mixing whiskey with lemon or lime juice and simple syrup, occasionally adding a dash of egg white to the mix.
Photograph: Will Shenton/Creative Commons 

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