5 mobile apps that improve your work-life balance

Being productive is one thing, but achieving a healthy work-life balance is another challenge altogether. Here are some apps to help you get there.

Long days, sleepy nights, exhausted mornings and missed health goals are the story of modern life. But not if you use these apps that will get your life in order super quick. Ready?

1. FitTime Stats
How often have you wanted to hit the gym but didn’t? If the answer to that question is ‘Every day’ FitTime Stats is the app you need. Simply put, it encourages you to take up simple exercises. There are three levels of workouts and the best thing is you don’t need any special equipment to workout. You can decide a workout time that suits you and use the app to take you through it. The app is available on Google Play.

2. Hello Vino
Wine pairing can be tricky if you don’t know one wine from the other. And if you’re moving in certain circles, you need to have wine basics down pat. This is where Hello Vino comes in. Every question you have related to any wine is answered here. If you’re ordering, you can even scan the label and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about the wine in question. It also has a wine shopping guide and food pairings guide so you aren’t lost at the next fine dining session. Hello Vino is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

3. Way of Life
Bad habits can play havoc on work-life balance. Enter Way of Life. The app helps you plan your days and weeks in a way that you get rid of bad habits and develop good ones instead. All you need to do is plot your daily/weekly goals—hitting the gym, sleeping well, giving up cigarettes, etc—and keep track of whether you’re meeting them or not. Way of Life is available on Apple iTunes.

4. Big Days
Caught yourself wondering how long it’s been since you’ve met your friends or family? Big Days will give you the exact answer. The very handy app helps you remember and track events from your calendar. So it’ll not just remind you about your upcoming business trip, it will also remind you just how long it’s been since you’ve met your best friend from college. Sweet!  The app is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

5. Sleep Cycle
There’s nothing quite like starting a day after a good night’s sleep, right? And Sleep Cycle helps you do just that. This very brilliant app analyses your sleep patterns so that it wakes you up during your lightest phase. Since you don’t wake up from a very deep sleep, you don’t wake up tired and angry. Seems most helpful, doesn’t it? Sleep Cycle is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes. 

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