5 mistakes successful people vow to never repeat

Smart leaders understand the need to get to the bottom of mix-ups and learn to never make them again.
By Priya Prakasan

Are you still trying to get to the top of your game? Achieving your goals does not happen by accident, you have to work hard, embrace mistakes and success, and constantly work to improve yourself. Here are some mistakes high performers studiously avoid.

1. Going back to something expecting a different result
If something hasn’t work out the first time around, it’s probably for a very good reason. Doing the same thing over and over again to expect a different outcome every time is unrealistic. When smart people experience the frustration the first time around, they immediately change their tactics. That’s because they understand that if you want different results from a situation, you have to try a different approach. Successful leaders learn from their failures and devote their time and energy to finding an alternative approach to reach their goal.

2. Putting on a fake personality
Smart leaders quickly figure out the down side to being someone you’re not to please people who you think expect you to behave in a certain way. People can see through the pretense and its probably damaged relationships, eroded trust, and led to missed opportunities. Authenticity defines a leader’s legitimacy and builds firm relationships on a bedrock of trust. Such leaders never try to do anything that requires them to be someone they are not; they are true to themselves at every stage of growth.

3. Be people pleasers
Leadership is not about making everyone happy. Adopting such an approach means the leader loses focus on goals. Smart leaders know that trying to please everyone isn’t possible or a good strategy. They don’t look for outside approval and don’t base their self-worth on what others say or do. They believe in themselves and have the conviction to make decisions and choices on the basis of what they feel is right, even if they are choices others will not like. They are prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions. Otherwise no leader would be effective or efficient if he/she constantly tried to appease everyone and make the choices other people like.

4. Not keeping the big picture in focus
Sometimes people get so caught up in the details, of what’s in front of them, that they forget to step back and take a look at the whole story. That’s a risk leaders can’t afford to take. So smart leaders learn how to strategise well so as to align daily priorities with their larger goals.  They don’t shrink from regaining focus and adjusting their strategy so as to ensure they’re on track. This requires vigilance and discipline.

5. Trying to ‘fix’ someone
They might have tried it once, but smart leaders quickly realise that the only person they can change is themselves. It’s tempting to believe that through your desire and sheer will you can improve another person. But it’s a fallacy. So rather than trying to ‘fix’ people, smart leaders provide encouragement and support. They give people the freedom to choose their actions. They work on surrounding themselves with genuine people who provide value and are interested in self-development.

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