5 healthy and tasty breakfasts ideas for busy mornings

Start the day right with these power-packed dishes that are easy to make! By Satyaki Sarkar

In spite of breakfast being the most important meal of the day, in today’s busy world we rarely get the chance or time to pay attention to what we eat and how we eat it. Hastily grabbing a bite before leaving for work or skipping breakfast altogether, we deprive our body of the nutrition it needs. As a result we leave ourselves vulnerable to diseases and other health issues. Ten minutes is all it takes to put together and eat a healthy nutritious breakfast that will help you start your day on the right foot. To help you out, we’ve listed some quick, easy, and healthy breakfast options.


1. Banana Bread
Not only is this one of the healthiest breakfast options you’ll ever choose, it is so delicious, you won’t even believe it is actually good for you! Instead of oil or butter use unsweetened applesauce, and replace refined sugar with honey. It’s easy to make over the weekend, you can easily store it for over a week, and grab a couple of slices every day in the morning.
Photograph: Ginny/Creative Commons


2. Fruit and Cheese
This breakfast has earned its fame for a very good reasons. While apple is a rich source of antioxidants and dietary fibre, cheddar cheese brings with it protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium, all of which help lower the risk for health conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Throw in a handful of fibre- and protein-rich walnuts and you’re set for the day.
Photograph: Shari’s Berries/Flickr


3. Yogurt With Grapes and Granola
No matter how busy and rushed your mornings are, you’ll always have enough time for this three ingredient-breakfast. While the yogurt is packed with proteins, calcium, magnesium, and a host of vitamins, the grapes are rich in antioxidants and granola is one of the best sources of dietary fibre. You can even pack it in an insulated coffee cup or thermos to go, if you’re in a hurry.


4. Fresh Fruit Muesli
If you’ve grown tired of having dried muesli or muesli with milk, then this one is for you! Fresh fruits, lime, yogurt, honey, and jaggery go into this delicious and easy to make breakfast, making it rich in nutrients like zinc and selenium, apart from being loaded with antioxidants and dietary fibre. The varied range of ingredients and the way it is made give it the consistency of oatmeal with the refreshing freshness of raw ingredients. There simply couldn’t be a better way to start off the day!
Photograph: Markus Kuhn/Creative Commons


5. Bran Whole Wheat Muffins
There are very few people in this world who don’t like muffins, but unfortunately the regular muffins we usually eat are not exactly a healthy option. Because if they were, we’re pretty sure many of us would love to be having them every day! Here’s an alternative recipe you can try for healthier version. Use bran cereal, whole wheat flour, non-fat milk and brown sugar, to make the muffin. Replace the oil/butter for applesauce. You can make them in batches and grab one before work, or take it with you for a healthy office snack.
Photograph: Nicola/Creative Commons 

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