5 habits to build your self-confidence

Take a page or two from the diary of highly successful people and learn how to maintain that self-esteem.

Go beyond your comfort zone
It is easy to fall into a pattern, at home or at work. And it is during times like these that you begin to wonder what you’ve accomplishing anything at all. The sense of having achieved something is a great way to boost self-confidence. So set yourself a task that if accomplished will really boost your morale. So step outside your zone of comfort and seek a new challenge. It might be a pleasant revelation of what you truly can do if you put your mind to it.

Give credit where it is due
Rather than falling into that dark hole of self-doubt, remind yourself of what you’ve achieved. And, no, your achievements aren’t the result of a stroke of luck. They’ve been accomplished because of the hard work you’ve put in. So savour your victories, own your accomplishments and ride on that wave of positivity towards your next victory.

Turn negative energy into positive
Know when and how to self-critique and self-analyse are very important qualities in a manager. But it’s even more important to know the difference between self-criticism and negativity. Do not let those negative thoughts affect your productivity and stop focusing on the things that went wrong. Instead, list all the lessons learnt, and learn how you could handle the situation better the next time around. Channelling negative thoughts into a productive output will take you a long way to being not just confident but also more efficient.

Present yourself the way you wish to be perceived
As a manager you don’t just carry your own reputation on your shoulders, you also represent your team and your company. People perceive you the way you present yourself. So, whether it is in the way you dress or the way you carry yourself, be aware of that. Being presentable also helps a great deal in boosting your self-confidence.

Work on your body language
This is an extension of the previous point. It is amazing how the right body language can change people’s perception of you, as well as your own! Just the act of standing erect, sitting up straight or power posing pose can exude confidence and self-assuredness. Once you feel it, others will too. 

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