5 great podcasts that will make you a better business leader

Subscribe to these informative podcasts to learn more about management and gain business smarts. 

They’re short, present engaging ideas, and are a great way to stay informed and broaden your horizons. You can download podcasts and watch them at your convenience. Like when you’re stuck in traffic or whiling away time at the airport. Tune in to these shows to learn some valuable lessons and up your professional game.

Ryan Hawk

1. The Learning Leader Show with Ryan Hawk
This popular podcast has listeners in 134 countries around the world thanks to Ryan’s interviews with fascinating leaders, from Seth Godin to Kat Cole and Adam Grant. The interviewees range from various fields, including technology, academia, business, athletics, military, and banking. The focus is on learning how to lead from successful leaders and empowering others to live up to their potential.

Michael Hyatt

2. This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
This weekly podcast focuses on intentional leadership for high-achievers and helps them thrive in other aspects so as to lead a well-rounded life. From productivity to personal development, customer relationships, leadership, better communication, emotional intelligence and goal-setting, Michael covers it all on his show. The podcasts are informative, impactful, and helpful. A must for leaders looking to amp things up.

Kara Swisher

3. Recode Decode with Kara Swisher
Newsweek called her ‘Silicon Valley’s most feared and well-liked journalist’, that’s reason enough to subscribe to this podcast! It stands to reason the interviewees here are the who’s who of Silicon Valley. A prominent tech journalist, Kara’s podcast provides informative insights from some of the world’s most prominent tech, business, and political leaders on a variety of topics. That makes for some compelling content.

Richard Rierson

4. Dose of Leadership with Richard Rierson
Formerly a Marine, commercial pilot, and corporate executive, Richard has interviewed over 300 CEOs, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors. Steve Forbes, Ken Blanchard, and Barbara Corcoran are just some of the people whose real-world experiences Richard uses to showcase some hard-hitting leadership lessons and help listeners improve their performance.

Sarah Green

5. HBR IdeaCast with Sarah Green
A senior editor at the Harvard Business Review, Sarah hosts a weekly podcast that features practical advice, the latest thoughts from leading thinkers and management gurus. The podcast builds on HBR’s reputation of scholastic excellence and share insights, advice, suggestions, and reviews from some of the biggest names in the corporate world. 

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