5 Finest cigar brands in the world

Smoking cigars isn’t just a hobby, it’s almost an art. Get to know about the cigar brands that you need to try at least once. By Satyaki Sarkar


1. Macanudo
Manufactured by the General Cigar Company in the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic, Macanudo cigars are known for their mild flavour making them America’s best-selling brand of cigar. The Macanudo commonly uses a lite Connecticut shade wrapper, but also comes in a darker, Maduro wrapper. The filler is a mild Dominican blend, and the binder is unique, having its roots in the Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. The cigars have a pleasantly smooth and mellow taste that is almost like their trademark, owing to its consistency in each cigar. A varying assortment of cigars like the Inspirado Black, Inspirado Orange, Gold Label, and Estate Reserve are available, and depending on the cigar, the price can vary from $0.98 to $9.34 per cigar.


2. Arturo Fuente
These handmade Dominican cigars are made by the world-famous Carlos Fuente Sr and Jr, who’re known as the masters of the cigar craft. As exquisite as they are sophisticated in taste, the signature blend of these cigars, called Gran Reserva, boasts of a mild-to-medium body, combined with a slightly nutty, spicy core. This has earned them the reputation of being one of the best handmade cigars in the world. A cigar costs anywhere between $5.80 to $28.9, and options range from the Chateau Fuente, Don Carlos, the Hemingway, and more.


3. H. Upmann
With over 150 years of expertise, the H. Upmann is one cigar brand that has remained a favourite of cigar aficionados all over the world. This popular hand-crafted cigar originated in La Romana in the Dominican Republic, and owes its fame to its extraordinarily smooth, rich flavour. The sheer perfection in the way each cigar is made, along with its characteristic nutty flavour has made it a brand that most cigar enthusiasts have sworn by since its inception. There’s a variety of cigars you can choose from, such as the 1844 Reserve, Vintage Cameroon and the Golden Nicaragua, with prices ranging from $3.16 to $7.24 per cigar.


4. Partagas
This is one of the oldest cigar brands, established in Havana in 1845. It is known for its impeccable taste, which has stood the test of time. Marked for its use of African Cameroon wrapper, Partagas cigars have a characteristic smooth, spicy flavour that makes them all the more delectable. There are a host of ranges, like the Ramón Y Ramón, Black Label, and the 1845. The most popular one, the Piloto Cubano blend, has a beautiful, medium bodied mix of flavours like wood and coffee. The price of a Partagas cigar can be anywhere between $6.89 to $8.80 a piece.


5. Montecristo
From its modest origins in Cuba in 1935, Montecristo has now become one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. From the precise way in which the handmade cigars are made to their exquisite craftsmanship, Montecristo cigars have become legendary. Thanks to some of the most skilled cigar masters and rollers in the world, Montecristo’s best till date is the fine, slow burning cigar crafted in the Menendez y Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic, which is full of a long list of rich, complex flavours. The best part about the brand is that it has something to suit everyone’s needs. It offers almost every type of cigar you can think of, varying in shape, strength, wrapper colour, and size. Some of the more popular ones are the Montecristo Epic, the Especial No 1, and the Montecristo Toro. Prices of Montecristo cigars range from $6.90 to $15.64 per cigar. 

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