5 most expensive whiskies in the world

These bottles of golden nectar are not for the faint of heart. By Satyaki Sarkar

If there was ever a drink that personified pure class, teamed with rugged charm and a kick that’ll knock you off your feet, whisky would be it. While there are several types of whiskies, from Scotch to Bourbon, and Irish to Tennessee, some of the best have a hefty price tag attached, sometimes with good reason. Check out these five bottles that require a very hefty bank balance.

Isabella's Islay copy

1. Isabella’s Islay
Holding the spot of the most expensive whiskey in the world, Isabella’s Islay’s price is actually because of the bottle it comes in. While the drink itself is exquisite and is in no way undeserving of its position, the bottle steals the show. It is made from handcrafted English crystal covered in white gold, and is entirely diamond studded. And if that wasn’t all, the writing on the bottle is done using rubies. The entire bottle can be customised according to one’s wishes with jewels like emeralds, sapphires, etc, along with personal inscriptions. Additionally, once the bottle gets over, it can be refilled again using crystal pouring flutes made especially for this purpose by the distillery. And if your bottle gets damaged, the distillery provides repair services by the original craftsmen who created the bottle, in order to maintain consistency of craftsmanship.
Price: $6,400,000

The Macallan M

2. The Macallan M
This a very limited edition single malt, only four of its kind exist. This rare whisky comes in a six litre, faceted crystal decanter called the Constantine, named after the famous Roman emperor. It took 17 craftsmen working for 50 hours to craft the decanter. Forty hand-blown decanters were made and destroyed due to imperfections, until a perfect and flawless decanter was made. Two years were spent choosing the casks that would be blended to create this whisky. The drink has notes of wood smoke, green apple, raisin, and cinnamon. When sold at auction if fetched $628,205, creating a record.
Price: $628,205

Yamazaki 50 Year Old

3. Yamazaki 50 Year Old
The 50-year aged Yamazaki whisky is a single malt that is prepared in the Suntory distillery in Japan, the country’s oldest and most respected distillery. Popularly described as ‘multi-layered with fruit and Mizunara aromas’, the experience of a sip of the spirit is said to be delicate yet profound, spiritual, and deep. Although the 50 year old version is the most exquisite, Yamazaki also comes in 25 year, 18 year, and 12 year vintages for those who do not wish to burn more than $100,000 on a bottle.
Price: $133,999

Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955

4. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955
Although the Islay holds the record for the most expensive whisky, a lot of people still debate its position owing to the fact that the decanter accounts for the majority of its price. In that aspect, the 1955 Glenfiddich is completely unambiguous about the reason for its price. The whiskey is named after Janet Sheed, the oldest person in Scotland, and there are only 11 bottles in existence, that were sold for charity. The spirit is straw-gold in colour, with the barley flavour having hints of heather, pear, and hay.
Price: $94,000

1919Springbank 50-Year-Old

5. 1919Springbank 50-Year-Old
Last but not the least is the Springbank 1919. Distilled in 1919, it was 50 years later, in 1970, that the whiskey was bottled. Out of these,only 24 bottles of the whisky, named Campbeltown 1919, were released. Ever since then, the spirit has been becoming increasingly more expensive due to the tremendous popularity of unusual malt whiskies. This is what led to the whisky eventually being included in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most expensive bottles of whisky in the world.
Price: $78,000 

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