5 most expensive foods in the world!

Got a few (thousand) dollars to spare for a meal? Here are some dishes you can pick from.

A few years ago, Google co-founder Sergey Brin funded the world’s first lab-grown hamburger. The burger cost $325,000, making it the most expensive burger in the world. While the burger isn’t commercially available (or viable), these five foods are very much in the market for those of you who don’t mind loosening your purse strings for a taste of the new.


Frrrozen Haute Chocolate: $25,000
The NYC restaurant, Serendipity 3, invented this dessert, which is basically a high-end version of the restaurant’s popular Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.  What makes the dessert so expensive is the exclusive cocoa, milk and whipped cream that goes into it as also 5 grams of 24 carat gold! Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is garnished with truffle specially flown in from France, served with a gold spoon in a goblet that is surrounded by a gold crown. Since it’s such an exclusive dish, Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is an off-the-menu item. And you have to place your order at least two weeks in advance.


Almas Caviar: $25,000
The most expensive caviar in the world comes from the Beluga Sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea, which can be quite a dangerous place. Not only is Almas Caviar very rare, it is also aged for 20 years, which makes it rarer still. And it comes in a 24 carat gold tin, which only drives the price up further!


Samundari Khazana: $3,200
Created by an England-based desi chef, Prahlad Hegde, who claimed this dish was based on a family recipe, Samundari Khazana is a really expensive seafood dish. It is served with a full-sized lobster covered in caviar, snails and edible gold at upmarket London restaurant Bombay Brasserie. We are going to hazard a guess that the caviar used in this dish isn’t Almas Caviar.


Margo’s White Truffle and Gold Pizza: $2,420
Served with truffles from Piemonte, organic water buffalo mozzarella and a 24K gold leaf, this pizza is available only between October and May when the truffles are in season. While the pizza is very much on the menu—it is described as ‘a sign from God telling us how great She is’—you have to order it a week in advance. Available at Margo’s in Pizzeria in Malta.


Westin Hotel Bagel: $1,000
At the Westin at Times Square, New York, the humble bagel turns into a super exclusive delicacy served with a spread of truffle cream cheese and Riesling jelly, and garnished with edible gold leaves. Not bad eh, for a thousand dollars? 

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