5 Cool gadgets that we wish were available now!

Each of these inventions makes our life simpler, more productive, and are fun to use! We can’t wait for them to hit the market. By Ayushi Khandelwal


1. Babel Fish Pilot Earpiece
This gadget is great for those who have to converse with colleagues from around the world, love to travel or have a hard time learning languages. You simply place the Babel Fish Pilot Earpiece in your and your companion’s ears, and hook it up to your phone. The earpiece then translates from one language to another instantly! A wonderfully cool invention, the Babel Fish Pilot Earpiece only translates French, English and Spanish at the moment. Italian will be added soon, as will other languages. This is one gadget that’s guaranteed to bring us all closer together.
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2. Altered Faucet Nozzle
Going by the rapid and reckless use of water, it’s no surprise that the next generation will surely face huge water scarcity. So the good folk at Altered Company decided to find an easy, practical solution to cut down on water wastage. They created the Altered Faucet Nozzle that saves 98 per cent of water without your having to compromise on the use. The Altered Faucet Nozzle atomises the water into tiny droplets, turning a stream of water into a mist. There’s no reduction or coverage area or use. The nozzle is just attached to the spout of your faucet. It has two settings, Mist Mode and Super Saver Mode. You can switch between the two modes according to the amount of water you need to complete the task. The Super Saver Mode is for heavy water activities, but it still saves 85 per cent of water you’d otherwise have wasted.
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3. Zuta Mobile Printer
This is one super, little handy gadget. It’s a robotic printer that’s small enough for you to carry around in your bag. It’s literally printing on the go! This invention from Zuta Labs can connect to your our smartphone, laptop or tablet and print whatever document you need. It can be linked to Android, Windows, iOS and OS X.  All you have to do is place the printer on the top left corner of the paper and it starts. Zuta Labs claims each inkjet will print around 1,000 pages and the battery will last for an hour.
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4. SkyFloat
Even wanted your phone or tablet in front of you, but couldn’t spare your hands? Like in the kitchen while cooking? Or wanted to watch a video while folding the laundry? SkyFloat is the solution. This gadget is a ceiling/wall-mounted, mid-air, adjustable arm that supports your phone or tablet in mid-air. The device looks sort of like a selfie-stick that’s made of sturdy aluminium and attaches to the ceiling. The stick latches onto a ceiling plate that you’ve stuck on the ceiling. You can move the plate around or fix it in one place with screws. Imagine all the stuff you could get done!
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5. GeeFi
The reality is that Wi-Fi has become an indelible part of our lives. But we’re tired of hunting to free Wi-Fi at cafes, coffee shops, malls, etc when we’re out an about. When you catch a signal it’s like you’ve won the lottery. Enter GeeFi a device that promises 4G speed, no roaming charges, unlimited data, no SIM card, and can be used in quite a few countries abroad. Oh, and you can connect up to 10 devices! GeeFi aims to connect to the strongest signal tower in your vicinity to give you a seamless experience. We can’t wait for this to launch!
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