5 cocktails so manly you’ll regret not trying them!

Move over, Rum & Coke, it’s time to drink up like a man!


#1 Death in the Afternoon
Every manly cocktail list has to begin with this one for a reason: it was invented by Ernest Hemingway. Also known as Hemingway Champagne. He gave out the recipe in all of two sentences: “Pour one jigger (around 30ml) absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.” We’ll let our trusted barman decide what ‘proper opalescent milkiness’ looks like.
Photograph courtesy: Yelp Inc /Creative Commons


#2 Old Fashioned
Made with muddling sugar cubes, whiskey (or bourbon or rum), angostura bitters and a splash of soda water, Old Fashioned is garnished, usually, with an orange slice. The cocktail first appeared back in the 1880s in Kentucky, US.
Photograph courtesy: Jeff Wilcox/Creative Commons


#3 The Manhattan
Yet another whiskey-based cocktail, The Manhattan brings together Canadian whiskey, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters. The drink is garnished with a slice of lemon and is as sophisticated and classy as it gets.
Photograph courtesy: Graeme Maclean/Wikimedia Commons



#4 Long Island Iced Tea
Invented during the Prohibition Era in the US, this cocktail gets its name because the barman who invented it came from Long Island and made it look like ice tea to fool the police. Made with gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and triple sec and topped with coke, Long Island Iced Tea is a drink you won’t regret having.
Photograph courtesy: Simon Q/Creative Commons


#5 Whiskey Sour
Classic and simple, Whiskey Sour goes well with a formal meeting as well as a date. To make Whiskey Sour shake blended whiskey, lemon juice, a dash of egg white and powdered sugar with ice. Garnish with lemon and add a cherry on top! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?
Photograph courtesy:  TravelingOtter/Creative Commons

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