5 characteristics of a magnetic leader

Here’s what makes these leaders so appealing and inspires employees to follow.

Some leaders have a certain ‘it factor’ that makes them great at engaging people, maintaining high performance teams, and motivating employees to explore their talents while pulling them all towards a collective goal. This doesn’t come from a position of authority or power, but rather from their ability to be magnetic leaders. Here are some of the top traits of such leaders, and while some are natural talents, there are quite a few that have been honed through repeated practice.

People are drawn to leaders who aren’t afraid to be themselves because employees value authenticity. Such leaders aren’t pretending to be nice to employees to manipulate them into getting their way. Approachable, honest and transparent are some other phrases employees use to describe such leaders. They are perceived as being fair with a genuine interest in people. All of these factors increases employees’ trust in them, heighten engagement and motivating employees to put their best foot forward. In some cases it might even encourage employees to stay in the organisation for a longer time.

Engage, empower and invest in employees
Magnetic leaders help employees increase their expertise, develop new skills, take ownership of their role, and give them the autonomy to act. They are invested in their employees’ growth and understand the micromanaging will do more harm than good. Trust is an important part of this equation.

Craft an influential vision
A vision comes alive when it’s infused with purpose and values. It becomes a guiding force that influences every action that your employees take at work. It helps them understand why they are doing something, not just because they are instructed to do so. Also, magnetic leaders don’t just present a vision, they invite employees to come along on the journey and become an important part of it. This level of engagement and inclusion will lead to increased productivity and a culture of loyalty.

Strong communication
Communication is a powerful tool. When used with confidence it can inspire, drive home a point, mould opinions, and make people sit up and take notice. Magnetic leaders understand that what they say has to convey a purpose. So they place an emphasis on being clear and articulate. They also understand the power of body language. They make it a point to use good posture that conveys strength as well as openness. They maintain eye contact when talking to people and use effective gestures when putting across a point.

Personal development
Good leaders are those that recognise that there are always more to learn, skills to refine, and improvements to make. An important aspect of this is listening to employee feedback without getting defensive, shouting them down, or shutting them out. Maintain an open mind and implement changes where necessary. This doesn’t make you seem weak, but rather a leader who is secure enough to accept feedback and humble enough to implement personal change. Employees aren’t drawn to leaders who are perfect, but rather to those that are as human as them and show them how to be better.


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