5 best sites to order custom-made suits

Suiting up in the comfort of your home is now easier than ever! By Satyaki Sarkar

There are quite a few nerve-racking thoughts that go through your mind when getting a new suit made. Should it be a three-piece or two-piece? What material, cut, colour, fabric, design? The options are limitless. However, as much as we fret over the suit itself and about deciding what we want, it often isn’t the most difficult question. That honour belongs to where to get the suit made from, because one little mistake by the tailor could end up completely ruining the look as well as make it feel horribly uncomfortable. To save you the pain and time, we at Bonne Vie have compiled a list of the five best online stores that offer myriad customisations as well as the best service so that you can get your suits made without losing any sleep.

1. Tailor Store
Unlike most other e-commerce sites that simply alter or adjust readymade suits to fit you, the guys at Tailor Store handcraft each suit with painstaking detail and precision to ensure it meets the highest standards. Priding themselves on their commitment to perfection and accuracy, they do have a higher delivery time than others, but that is the price of perfection. All you need to do is go to the site, select the kind of suit you want, followed by the fabric, and then select the various customisations you want using the 3D Designer, input your measurements, and you’re done. The entire process takes only five minutes, and if you aren’t satisfied with the final product, they offer a guaranteed free replacement, or reimburse you for getting it altered by a local tailoring service to get the optimum fit.
Check it out here.

2. Hangrr
Hangrr believes suit making is both an art and a science, and it certainly reflects in their work. Everything from the canvas, chest piece, inner lining, and under collar felt, to the most intrinsic details of the suit are paid special attention to. However, what really sets Hangrr apart from its competitors is that not only can you virtually design the suit yourself using the step-by-step suit customisation options available, you can also simply drop them a mail and their style consultant will contact you to help design your suit. Additionally, if you happen to be residing in Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore/Jaipur, their in-house style consultants will even book a personal appointment with you and walk you through the design options and take your measurements, all in the comfort of your home.
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3. Creyate
Specialising in only the finest and most luxurious, Creyate provides over 1,00,000 customisation options for your bespoke suits as per your fancy. Using their digital 3D customisation studio, you can choose each and every individual aspect of the suit, from the type of lapel to the inner lining and even the contrast fabric to create one that is just right for you, and see how it looks before placing the order. However, if you are still in doubt, you can also book a home visit. Creyate will send its own Style Stewards, who are trained by renowned Japanese suit makers, to your house to take as many as 25 measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit. Once the first order has been delivered, they also save your exact measurements to your profile on the website, so you don’t have to go through the same lengthy process if you choose to order one again. That’s bound to be handy.
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4. Van Heusen
With over 25 years in the Indian fashion industry, Van Heusen has extensively studied each and every Indian body type and brings this exhaustive information together to deliver the very best custom-made suit you could wish for. Using the My Fit feature, you can customise and fashion the suit you want. There are a slew of fabric options to choose from, and you can choose from as many as 10 sizes across 3 fits to ensure the suit is perfect for you. If, after the order has been delivered, it does not fit well or meet your expectations, Van Heusen will make a full refund on return of the item so as to eliminate any remaining fears or misgivings you might have.
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5. Suit Up India
With the aim of revolutionising modern suiting, Suit Up India offers complete customisation options along with a 96-hour doorstep tailoring service, along with free trials and delivery. Affordable as well as delivering the highest quality suiting options, you can simply log on to the website to select from the various designs and choices or select the Tailor Made option to have a NaapMaster sent to your address to take your measurements. A certified Suit Up India tailor near you will then stitch it according to your details. Once the suit is ready, it will be delivered to your house for a trial fit. In the unlikely condition that the suit doesn’t fit, additional alterations will be made free of cost before being delivered.
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