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5 beautiful works that showcase how technology is changing art

These inspiring creations reveal how art is changing in the digital age. By Satyaki Sarkar

A very common train of thought is that art and technology can’t happily coexist. With the constant and rapid advancement of machines, many people believe we will lose the artistic touch. However, what if it’s the opposite? That we could use machines to create amazing works of art that are as magical as they are mesmerising? Here are five works of art that do just that!


1. Sisyphus Table
This table is named after the Greek King Sisyphus who was condemned by the gods to roll a boulder up the side of a mountain for all eternity. The installation by Bruce Shapiro, noted American journalist, commentator and author, is a kinetic sculpture that constantly creates and erases intriguing and beautiful patterns using hidden magnets that make a metal ball roll continuously through a thin layer of sand. As beautiful and meditative as it is, the table comes in two forms, a 2 ft by 1.8 ft tempered glass-topped metal endtable made of birch or maple wood, and a 4 ft by 1.5 ft tempered glass-topped all wood coffee table made of hardwood.


2. Flower Mirror
Daimaru, a major departmental store in Japan, celebrated its 300th anniversary in March, and to commemorate the event they designed a Flower Mirror, which was on display at Daimaru’s Tokyo and Kyoto branches until the end of the month. The 16 foot by 10 foot installation was made of as many as 3,000 flowers, and mirrored the movements of people in front of it. Powered by as many as 800 movable motors, every time someone walked past, sensors detected their silhouettes, and a combination of darker and lighter coloured flowers were pushed out to depict the corresponding pattern. However, it wasn’t just people that it could mirror, as it could be programmed to display a wide range of shapes, patterns, or texts as well.

3. 3D printed chocolate sculptures
Belgian chocolate shop Miam Factory specialises in a unique craft, using a specialised printing machine to create mesmerising sculptures out of chocolate. The machine prints each design painstakingly, layer by layer, 0.2 millimeters at a time, creating complex three-dimensional objects, as well as engraves chocolates and macaroons with messages or logos for clients. For a special order from nearby brewery Bertinchamps, the Miam Factory was used to make beer bottles out of chocolate, using more than 80 feet of chocolate. The process can take anything between ten minutes to three hours, using dark, milk, and white chocolates.


4. Making Weather
The collaborative result of Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev portfolio, Making Weather is a prototype interactive lamp and speaker system that not only looks like a cloud, but even floats like one, and emulates thunder using lights and effects. The cloud is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, and floats one to two inches off a magnetic oval base, which needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet constantly. The cloud itself is completely wireless, and bobs in rhythm to the music, apart from also being equipped with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights, to create a completely realistic experience of an atmospheric cloud playing your music!


5. Joto Board
Joto is a revolutionary drawing board with a connected display and a robotised pen that can be hung on your wall like a picture frame. Using it, you can have pictures, words, and anything else that you write on your screen get transformed into a pen or ink drawing on the board! Equipped with an eraser and a dock as well, the pen never goes dry, and automatically wipes the board and refreshes its screen when it gets full. As versatile as you can imagine, Joto can be used to make anything and everything from artworks, love notes, to-do lists and more. It integrates with apps like Twitter, Spotify, and Slack, and even allows you to send messages to your friends, letting you jot on their boards, from anywhere in the world! 

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