5 award-winning Indian alcohol brands to know

Check out these made in India liquors that are being acclaimed internationally. By Shweta Gandhi


1. Amrut Distilleries
This brand has put India on the international whiskey map. Started in Bangalore in 1948, Amrut hit international spotlight in 2004 when it launched its label in Glasgow, and since then has been appreciated by connoisseurs around the world. Then in 2010, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, a leading whiskey guide, rated the Amrut Fusion Single Malt as the third best in the world. Amrut also produces brandy, rum, vodka and gin, though the brand is truly appreciated for the quality of its Amrut Single Malt whiskey—it is made from select Indian barley grown at the foot of the Himalayas, which is then mashed, distilled and matured in oak barrels in special tropical conditions.


2. Wild Tiger Rum
True to the brand’s name, their main produce is rum—a blend of molasses and pure sugarcane spirits that is aged in American oakwood casks and bottled in Kerala. The packaging is quite unique with its velvet, orange-and-black tiger print and tooth tag. So you’re not likely to miss this on the shelf. With its well-balanced flavour and smooth finish, the brand, that brand just launched last year, has already made its presence felt among international rum connoisseurs and aficionados.


3. DesmondJi
Created by and named after Desmond Nazareth, an IITian entrepreneur based out of Goa, this is a popular range of spirits, liqueurs and cocktail blends—all of which proudly bear the agave-based spirit (aka tequila) tag. The products are all home grown, right from the raw materials to being distilled, bottled and labelled in India. The most popular spirit is the 51 per cent Agave Gold (Oak Finish), which is made from blue-green agave, matured for eight years in the Deccan Plateau, and distilled with charred oak for a warm and mellow finish.

Licor Armada

4. Licor Armada
Handcrafted in Goa by Oscar De Sequeira, Licor Armada is a fine spice liqueur created using an original family recipe that goes back to when the Portuguese ruled the city. It is crafted using the finest natural spices and fruits—barring any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours—and features top notes of cinnamon, cardamom and orange. It’s won quite a few accolades including a bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013 and a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2014.

5. Soul Tree Wine
Soul Tree Wine is a UK-based brand that produces wine in the Nashik Valley in Maharashtra. It has seven products, including the Reserve: Shiraz – Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 (with notes of cherry, black and dark chocolate in an elegant finish), the Rose (a refreshing wine with a fruity aroma and a pleasing finish) and Aikya (a light, fruity and crisp sparkling wine). Soul Tree Wine was awarded the bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge in London in 2015, a prestigious recognition for wine connoisseurs. 

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