5 alternatives to the boring old tie

Experiment and add a hint of flair to your wardrobe with these smart, stylish accessories. By Satyaki Sarkar


1. Collar chain
This one’s recently become popular again and is an extremely edgy alternative to ties, and can be carried off with panache. Available in a wide array of designs, you can mix and match to find a unique look. However, if you’re just starting off, it’s best to go for less elaborate chains with simple gold studs, paired with a slim black blazer and a crisp white shirt.


2. Cravat/Ascot tie
A predecessor to the modern tie, the cravat is making its presence felt again. In popular attire, a cravat is usually worn during a formal occasion and is supposed to be worn over a buttoned-up wing collar and fastened with a stickpin. However, the Ascot tie, which is also a type of cravat, can be sported on casual occasions and worn under an unbuttoned collar. Cool and casual, paired with the right shirt and jacket, this is sure to add a dash of flair to your wardrobe.


3. Neck bow
Thin-ribbon neck bows were perhaps most popular in the 1950s, during the height of rockabilly fashion. They have made a comeback recently and have been in collections from some of the biggest fashion brands, including Gucci. The minimalistic black neck bow is best accentuated when paired with a slim white shirt and statement formal black leather shoes. However, if you wish to go for a little more extravagant look, there are plenty of colours, patterns and embellishments to choose from.
Photograph: Gucci


4. Bolo
Originating among the Native Americans, the Bolo tie has become immensely popular in recent years, being sported by a number of celebrities including Bruno Mars and Colin Farrell. The simplicity of the tie paired with a striking embellishment is what makes this a beautiful alternative to the regular old tie. While you’ll easily find several modern versions, we suggest you look for an authentic and high quality one at a vintage shop, to truly bring out its brilliant splendour.


5. Scarf
While this would definitely not be a great idea during summer months, the scarf is an excellent alternative to the tie during winters or in cooler temperatures. Paired with a smart open-neck shirt, it adds a regal hint and flair to your attire that is hard to ignore. While choosing your options, it is best to go for silk or fine cashmere scarves in vibrant patterns, and a shirt that has a muted tone, so that the two best complement each other.
Photograph: Fort Belvedere 

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