4 ways businesses can transform using social media

Krishna Dhumal, Head – IT at Pan India Paryatan Pvt Ltd, on ways to give your business a competitive digital advantage. By Shweta Gandhi  

When it comes to technology, the new becomes the old pretty fast. And the underlying risks can throw anyone off. So an IT leader has to always stay ahead of the curve, pick the right mediums and lead the transformation. Krishna Dhumal from Pan India Paryatan Pvt Ltd (holding company of EsselWorld and Water Kingdom) is one such IT head. His diverse experience spanning 18 years in the IT industry has seen him work on web technology, software development, IT improvement and management, IT security, ERP implementation and user training. Here are some strategies he suggests to ride the digital wave.

#1 Use social media to engage with customers
“Conversations with customers and taking feedback helps improve customer experience as well as improve your services. All of this should also be done digitally. Ever since we started engaging with our customers on social media, we’ve seen an increase of 20 per cent in website visitors. Customers are attracted to e-booking through our advertising on Twitter, Facebook and our weekly emailers. Offering promo codes and product offers is also a successful strategy. It also might be a good idea to have a digital agency that handles our social media. That way you can focus on other digital aspects.”

#2 Don’t be afraid to make changes
“What is your end goal? Accordingly change with the times and change your approach. Currently we are marketing our product using an alternate channel—WhatsApp. We’re sending WhatsApp texts to motivate them to visit our website. We did try a mobile app up, but were facing payment gateway issues and need better functionalities. So we learnt from that and decided to find another way to get our message across. It’s important to roll with the punches and change direction when needed.”

#3 Move beyond risks
“Failure is key for growth. If you fail, you have to try again. In my previous organisation, one of my projects didn’t take off, and I learned that not all projects are successful at the first go. You also have to keep yourself up-to-date with technology—my existing workflow always sees me completely updated tech wise with cross-platform integration. Redundant technology doesn’t feature in my scheme of things.”

#4 Business strategy must support digital strategy
“The best way to support business alignment is to ensure digital strategy goes hand in hand with business strategy. Both departments are working towards the same goal. And that should be reflected in your plans. Another business strategy is to recapture old customers as well as gain new ones. Also, finding teammates whose tech capability matches your own is important as it helps in sustaining the digital strategy.” 

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    Amazing.... Keep going.....!!!
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      Amazing.... Keep going.....!!!

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