4 VR headsets you need to get your hands on now!

There’s a virtual reality revolution brewing, so get on board with these headsets that promise to show you a whole new world. By Shweta Gandhi

The world of games and movies is slowly turning into an immersive experience where users get live out a new reality. With these sets tracking your head movements in a three-dimensional world, expect exciting changes and mind-blowing entertainment experiences. Here are some of the best standalone and phone-linked VR headsets available.


HTC Vive
This headset is made in partnership with Valve promises a universe of surprises from the minute you put it on. Walk in surreal surroundings and experience a new world with 70 sensors that aid in 360 degree head tracking, as well as a 90Hz referesh rate. The package includes a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations that help you covert a whole room into a VR area. There’s also a ‘chaperone’ guidance system that keeps you safe and close to your play area parameters. The HTC Vive plugs into PCs and also works with Valve’s long list of games. Prepare yourself for a world beyond imagination.
Cost: $799


Oculus Rift
Jump to an out-worldly destination or watch an engaging VR movie with Oculus Rift. It needs to be tethered to your PC’s DVI and USB ports to track your head movements to give a 3D look and feel. Its state of the art displays (2160 x 1200 resolution) and custom optics (90Hz refresh rate) give amazing visuals and the low-latency constellation tracking system makes you feel as if you’re literally there.
Cost: $599


LG 360 VR
This headset is only compatible with the LG G5 smartphone and needs to be plugged in via the USB Type-C cable. Once done, it seamlessly connects and lets you play the sound from the phone or through the headphones you can plug using the 3.5 mm headphone socket. You can control your VR environment with a two click buttons for easy navigation and use the motion sensors for everything else. Lightweight and portable, this headset will make you feel like dreams are real.
Cost: $200

Samsung Gear VR
This is also powered by Oculus, and requires to be connected to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone; you will be astonished to learn all that your phone can accomplish. But unlike the LG 360 VR, the phone needs to be slotted into the headset—which can make weight an issue—and for this reason, the latest version of Gear VR is 19 per cent lighter. Feel the games come to life with the super AMOLED display, precise head tracking, low latency and wide field of view with the Samsung Gear VR.
Cost: $99 

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